Quick Tips to nurture your clients to see more consistent business

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One of the most overlooked strategies in real estate can also add the most value

Nurtured clients are highly valuable. They can have significant impact on revenue through continued retention and regular referral of new business opportunities. Yet nurturing clients can be one of the most overlooked strategies in real estate. So often we are focussed on the sale or moving to the next sale that we forget to make sure our client connection is adding value to our clients beyond achieving their real estate goals. 

We need to start focussing on forming genuine, trusting relationships with clients and assuring them that we really care about their goals beyond just listing their home.  

Let’s look at the Who, What and Why. 

WHO should you nurture? 

Here’s a good start: 

  • Your Pipeline
  • Your Existing Clients
  • Your Circle of Influence

WHY do you nurture?

When you are able to consistently add value to your clients and ensure each connection they have with you is a positive experience, you are able to enjoy more business and engaged conversations…which equates to more listings, referrals, market share and commissions.

Sound important? 

HOW do you nurture?

You nurture through connecting.

To add value, you nurture through understanding the valid reasons to connect with your clients.

These valid reasons to connect can include:

  • New Government regulation updates
  • Recent sales report /video
  • Suburb report/video
  • Quarterly market update
  • Renovations and tradesperson recommendations
  • Changes in council
  • Changes in stamp duty/rates
  • Invitation to an investment seminar
  • Invitation to open home or private showing
  • Information on a new marketing program
  • Community invitation to charity event
  • New office opening (for your agency)
  • Client thank you event (i.e. movie night, bbq, pizza night)

Keep in mind the goal of being able to help your clients achieve their property goals – nurturing your clients to that outcome means that each connection should add value to your clients.

When you start to brainstorm there are a tonne of valid reasons for connecting and nurturing your pipeline which will provide them with information they may not yet have and they definitely need to get them closer to their property goals.

A great agent nurtures consistently; it’s one of the secrets to real estate success.

For more success strategies make sure you tune in to our NAVIGATE webinar series where you’ll hear more about how you can propel your business forward in the new market. 

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