Generate listings through your own Network

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Some analysts predict the latter can save us up to seven times as much.

There are endless studies that tell us how much it costs to win business in comparison to keeping repeat business. Some analysts predict the latter can save us up to seven times as much.

With that in mind I am going to give you a quick refresh about a long-term generating strategy that you can start..right now! And one that will play an increasingly important role in generating more business in the new market. This simple idea will create more visibility in your marketplace and increase your listing opportunities. So without further hesitation please take the time to recap…

Expanding your Circle of Influence (COI). 

Your COI are people in your market place who will know when someone is thinking of selling before you do.

The type of people you could consider in your COI are people like: Solicitors, school principals, tradies, landscapers, developers, builders, hairdressers, mortgage brokers, local business network, accountants, presidents of clubs etc.

Creating a COI

  1. Make a list of the Top 20 people you would like to connect with and nurture a relationship with. Criteria for your TOP 20;
  • They are Pro-You. They will sing your praises in your market.
  • They themselves have a strong circle of influence in the community.
  • You can add value to them (you add value to each other).
  • Create a schedule of several touch points that you can roll out during the year. This can include text, emails, birthday cards, phone calls etc. Automate this process so that there is consistent and meaningful communication with people within your COI.

Your COI is a key element to your generating strategy. When you nurture your COI’s effectively you will see a dramatic increase in your listing opportunities, visibility and connection in your marketplace. What’s even more attractive is that your listing success is incredibly high when you can gain a solid third party endorsement from people in your COI.

So really focus on nurturing these people – it will massively help with your referral business base!

COI is just one element of your generating strategy but it can be a really beneficial one. To find out more or to book a one on one generating coaching session with Michael Sheargold, please click here.

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