Dramatically enhance

Your Listing Success!

The Ultimate Listing System

Join Michael Sheargold in this powerful 3-part program designed to dramatically enhance your listing performance.

3 Powerful 90 minute sessions online

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Dramatically enhance

Your Listing Success!

The Ultimate Listing System

Join Michael Sheargold in this powerful online on-demand program designed to dramatically enhance your listing performance.

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Here’s your chance to dramatically enhance your listing success with Real Estate SuperCoach Michael Sheargold!

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The Ultimate Listing System

With The Ultimate Listing System, you’ll shift your listing performance to a whole new level and learn how to secure more of the business you want.

You’ll increase your confidence to deal with all kinds of sellers and issues with the result being a dramatic increase your listing success!

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll learn…

    • Brilliant pre-listing preparation for you and your sellers
    • How to set the scene and lead the meeting professionally
    • The ultimate listing roadmap and how to follow it to listing success
    • The secrets of rapid rapport building
    • Quality questions that uncover sellers’ needs, wants and desires
    • How to sell marketing effectively
    • How to lead the property price discussion
    • How to handle fees and commissions
    • Exceptional positioning of you, your agency and your strategy in a powerful way
    • How to deal with objections effectively – in fact look forward to them
    • Effective dialogue that earns you great results
    • Feeling great about asking for the business – it’s your right and obligation

Your success as an agent will never out-perform your ability to list property.

Whether it’s your fees, sellers paid advertising or just gaining the seller’s commitment, you’ll be confident in leading the discussion and winning more every time.

Over 15 powerful online modules, you’ll learn the most relevant and in-depth strategies to dramatically enhance your listing success.

You’ll step through the entire listing process and learn powerful influencing strategies so you become totally confident in handling even the most difficult listing objections.

Each module is packed with take-home value to accelerate the success you and your team can achieve.

Your payback will be extraordinary – 100 x your investment in commission dollars!

This is for you if you want to:

    • Be fit for the market
    • Build a massive competitive edge
    • Learn the listing, sales and negotiation techniques that work
    • Drive your sales productivity
    • Gain greater Clarity & Confidence
    • Grow your results
    • Enhance your win rate

Join other switched-on real estate professionals as we do a deep dive on The Ultimate Listing System.

Meet the Coach

Michael Sheargold

Michael Sheargold is known for transforming agents’ listing win rate by dramatically upgrading skills, strategies, dialogue and mindset.

Having worked with the who’s who in Real Estate in a career spanning almost three decades, it’s no wonder he is widely regarded as Australia’s Number 1 Performance Coach – creating more millionaire Agents and Principals than anyone else!

With no signs of slowing down, Michael is on a mission to “transform the reputation and the results of each and every real estate professional.”

Even before the concept of business coaching was popular, Michael Sheargold was working with thousands of professionals looking to gain a real competitive edge. Widely regarded as one of Australia’s leading authorities on creating outstanding results in business and in life, Michael Sheargold is Super Coach to many of Australia’s leading real estate professionals.

His coaching philosophy is simple – with the right strategy and coaching support you can and will achieve your goals faster and easier. Over the last two decades Michael has conducted over 10,000 coaching sessions making him one of the most experienced coaches in the world today.

When you work with Michael you’ll quickly realise his unique ability to take complex issues and turn them into simple to understand and apply ideas that produce outstanding results. As a professional speaker, media talent and business coach, Michael supports Principals and Agents in gaining a real competitive advantage in their market place.

This could be the best investment you’ve made in advancing your real estate career.

“As a real estate agent, you will undoubtedly encounter both successes and failures in your career. However, what sets successful agents apart is their determination to continue striving for excellence despite any setbacks they may face. This quote reminds us that success is not a destination, but a journey that requires perseverance and courage to overcome any obstacles. Keep pushing forward and never give up on your goals.”

-Michael Sheargold

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