The 10 Danger Points of SuperTeams

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Building a winning team? Then avoid these…
Danger Points

Over the last two decades of working with great teams in real estate, I’ve noticed certain “danger points” that get in the way of building an awesome Agent Success Team.

If some of these are going on within your team, I guarantee they’re having a negative impact on how you’re working and the results you’ll achieve.

The big question always when I’m working with a SuperTeam is… “What’s the finding the best way for us to work together?” and helping you and your team be fit for purpose. 

These 10 Danger Points can massively get in the way of creating impressive results within your SuperTeam.

1. Poor Leadership

As the lead agent, you are the leader of your team. At SuperTeams we talk about the difference between leading and managing. Managing is more about ensuring the day-to-day activities are getting done.  When you’re leading – you motivate your team to believe in the vision you set for your business and to work with you on achieving your goals. 

Remember, your team will never outperform your leadership! You must have the ability to motivate your team to enable them to deliver exceptional results. The question you have to ask is… “What am I doing to upgrade my leadership?”

2. Lack of recognition

Unfortunately, a lot of the time we catch people doing things wrong rather than catch people doing things right. It can be quite demotivating if all your team hear is feedback of what’s going wrong as opposed to the whole philosophy of catching people doing things right

So recognition is one of the things to be mindful of. In fact, I’ve never been in a real estate business where someone says… if only there was less recognition… then everything would be great! So getting your act together in increasing recognition in your team will unlock growth and personal motivation.

3. Lack of trust

A lack of trust in a team is the virus that can destroy a great team culture. If trust doesn’t exist, the quality of communication in your team is going to be less than the ideal. 

This often begins with leaders and spreads throughout the team. One example would be when you’re continually checking up on people or micro-managing. This can create tension and your team might respond by pulling back even further. Lack of trust can also result in team members keeping information from each other. If your team members don’t trust each other, it could lead to fear of conflict. 

Ultimately you want to know “I/we have got your back.”  You can move so much faster as a team when this is in place.

4. Fear of conflict

Lack of trust and fear of conflict are very much connected. Trust is necessary to overcome the all too common fear of conflict that can destroy team effectiveness. 

When there’s fear of conflict, you might find yourself not being able to bring up issues to your team or them bringing up things to you. When you fear conflict, things go unsaid and that causes a build up. Sometimes it turns into resentment and frustration.  I guarantee if you can’t deal with conflict in your team, it’s going to have a detrimental impact on focussing on the main aim of the game which is to deliver great service and results for your clients.

 5. Lack of commitment

If there’s lack of commitment to your team, it can breed a lack of confidence. This can result in team members second guessing themselves. Imagine a commitment thermometer where 100% of commitment is needed to deliver great results and you’ve got someone in your team that’s sitting at 50% commitment. This is someone we call a passenger in your team who is either not committed or confused with how to add value. 

The challenge here if there is a lack of commitment what are you going to be able to achieve as a team? And what can you do to help your team be champions of the team’s goals?

You only need to think of sport to see how a lack of commitment turns out in the game.

6. Avoidance of Accountability

The commitment that we are most likely to break is the one we make to ourselves.

Accountability is simply the ability to externalise your commitments.  An avoidance of accountability can lead to reduced performance and strained relationships amongst team members. So holding each other accountable is a key to unlock performance.  What are your team members’ committed to achieving? What accountability system needs to be in place to ensure there’s excellent follow through on commitments?

7. Poor results focus

If you’re playing soccer, kicking the ball to the back of the net is the aim of the game. In the business, what is the result you want to be achieving today? This week? This month? This year?  If you’re not clear on the results, you can just be shifting things around and spinning your wheels. When you’re clear on the results you want and what you want to be known for in the marketplace, it makes it so much easier for everyone in your team to be focussed and on the same page.

8. Lousy communication

When your team fails to communicate effectively, this can lead to misunderstandings, stress, and a lack of innovation. Think of passing a baton in a running relay – drop the baton and you’re out of the race!  Real estate is all about people and communication. 

As the lead agent, you must remember your team members are not mind readers. Your team relies on you for feedback and direction. So the ability to shift lousy communication to great communication is critical to short and long-term success.

9. Lack of role clarity

When there’s a lack of role clarity you can sometimes have too many people working on one part of the business and things falling through the cracks somewhere else.  Without role clarity everyone will end up working harder and potentially end up missing important aspects to growth – both short and long-term.

At SuperTeams, I talk about RRP – Roles, Responsibilities and Priorities. What’s my role? What am I responsible for? What are my priorities? 

When everyone in your team is clear on their RRP, it means people can stay in their lanes and can be super focused on how they add value to the team and your clients. 

10. Poor use of technology and systems

In many businesses I go to and work with, some leaders say, “Oh we don’t have the tech for that kind of thing.” But in reality the technology and systems do exist. The challenge is not having the tech… it’s using the tech effectively! 

So how you shift from simply having the tech and systems to embracing them and utilising them fully – I guarantee it will shift the consistency in your business. 

My favourite saying on systems is if it’s worth doing again, create a system for it. And in the business of real estate – delivering a great experience to clients, winning business, running a great auction campaign, having a great open home, nurturing clients and management pipeline – all of those are worth doing again.  So the message is simple – create a system for it and have the tech to support the process so everything happens brilliantly well.

These are my 10 danger points. Any of these happening or if you had a mini cringe on some of them, I can almost guarantee they’re getting in the way of you building a brilliant SuperTeam

By reading this article I know you’re committed to investing in creating impressive results within your SuperTeam. Shift these danger points to growth points and I guarantee you’ll see a massive difference within your team’s growth and performance. 

If you’d like support on how to shift these danger points to growth points, feel free to reach out. My goal is to empower leaders and their teams to unlock next level performance.

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