Maximising Your Business Growth Triangle

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3 key growth points to build a brilliant business in 2021

It’s fair to say many of us are ready to say goodbye to 2020!

A lot of my recent coaching sessions have been focussed on re-setting growth goals for next year. So I wanted to share with you three growth points that will make a huge difference to how your business moves forward in to 2021 and beyond.  

Leadership, Brand and Culture – they’re terms we use every day but I’m not sure everyone understands the magnitude of influence they have on your business growth.

Remember as a leader, your team are relying on you to set the tone for 2021. If you’re committed to growing your business, you have to be committed to these 3 points.

Let me break these down a little more for you:

1. Your Leadership

If you don’t know where your business is heading,

how do you expect your team to come on the journey?

Your team look to you for direction and clarity. This is especially important now if you want to approach 2021 with a renewed sense of energy.

You need to be the Chief Energy Officer in your business and be clear on your goals and the steps needed to get there. And don’t get too caught up on the how – these steps can, and will, change. JFK never actually knew how he could land a man on the moon – he set the vision and then empowered people to make it happen!

Quick win action for today:

Write down where you see your business in 12 months from now. Where are you heading? What are the key projects to make that happen? What are the biggest changes you need to make to realise your growth goals? How do you need to change as a leader?

If you get stuck with this exercise, ask for help. I’m a great believer in a one page plan. Yes of course you can have a bigger plan but if you can get your plan onto one page, you can communicate it and monitor it so much easier. There’s HUGE power for you and your team in gaining clarity.

2. Your Brand

A brand is more than a logo – it’s how your internal and

external clients see and think about you in the market.

How is your brand is positioned right now? If I asked 1,000 of your ideal clients in your market, what would they say about you?

If you think your brand is saying one thing but the market is thinking another, you need to redefine a new way to own the position you want.  

The key is brand congruency. Every interaction with clients is either building or destroying your brand. When I look on your website, when I call your office, when I meet a team member, when your product is delivered, when I receive a text or email – will these interactions position you in the ideal way?

And don’t dismiss the importance of your internal brand too – how do your team view your business? This impacts recruitment, engagement and ultimately the way your team interacts with clients.

Quick win for today:

Have a meeting with your team and ask the question: If our brand is a car, what car would we be? Which car brand would we aspire to be?

Then ask… What are the qualities you see in that car that are mirrored in our business?  If your team member answers a Toyota Corolla and you’re thinking Range Rover, there needs to be some work done to realign your team and market perception.

3. Your Culture

Culture is caught, not taught.

What are the key ingredients to create a strong performance culture?

Having motivated people who know what to do and how to do it creates an environment for achievement. A lot of this comes down to the quality of communication within your business. Does your team understand your vision for the business and where they fit in to achieving that vision?

You see, your people are either turning up and doing what needs to be done or they’re turned on by the business vision and culture or performance. Have you built some strong culture creating initiatives into what you do? The amount of time your people invest in work they want to be a on a winning team.

The only way to know is to ask the question!

Quick win for today:

Gather some trusted team members in a meeting and ask them to rate your culture out of 10. What’s working and not working? If they were CEO, what would you change?

The other question I’m asking coaching clients right now is… What does winning look like? This can be incredibly revealing and help create insights about building a better culture.

A better culture = a stronger business.

By reading this article I know you’re committed to investing in your leadership and unlocking your business potential. If you’d like support on the growth triangle, feel free to reach out. I love helping entrepreneurs win in business and life.

Let’s make 2021 a great year to remember.

Michael Sheargold

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