Are you getting the return for all your hard work and effort?


Let’s face it… if you are like most Principals you’ve invested years and many thousands of dollars creating a brand to build a strong position in your market place. 

You have spent many… in fact an extreme amount of time hiring, teaching, motivating your team to get you where you are now.  The key question is do you have the stamina, skill, knowledge and tactics to take the business and your team to the next level?

As I said…. this is what we do…. We help and support you to think strategically, we help you get more certainty and systems in place. We help you create a learning culture and support the team in gaining more business. We help you to think BIGGER and you get the systems, tools and some of the best minds in the business to brainstorm, network and strategies with.

The best part is once we appoint a Network Member it’s an exclusive appointment – meaning that you as a Network Member will be the only Agency in the area that has access to advance training programs, systems and strategies, plus powerful online resources – all designed to dramatically enhance the performance of your team and your business. Add to that a Network of high performance (non-competing) agencies who willingly share their best and most successful strategies and you begin to understand what the power Of Network could offer you.

We say “could” because the application process is designed to ensure there’s a great fit between you, your goals and what the Network is out to achieve.

To be the most dynamic network of forward thinking estate agents who see a new benchmark in the Real Estate Profession.

To deliver the best business support systems that create for our Members awesome results in their business and personal lives.

  1. Growth and Innovation
  2. Ownership and Involvement
  3. Achievement and Recognition
  4. Brilliance in everything we do
  5. Contribution and celebration
  6. Loyalty and Integrity
  7. Health, Wealth and Happiness

You only have to look at who’s a Network Member to realise the calibre
and the strength of us all working in unison together creating amazing
Real Estate Business’s.

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