Michael connects with tens of thousands of Agents, Sales, PM Managers and Principals each year.


Michael connects with tens of thousands of Agents, Sales/PM Managers and Principals each year: at events, on webinars, in personal coaching sessions and group learning sessions. Michael has the ability to delivery on your outcomes and ensure that the audience get bite size easy steps and strategies to be able to put them into action.

Being across multi levels of business’s and having spent over 10,000 hours of learning Michael draws on his massive knowledge and insight and has the ability to speak beyond real estate – Selling, listing, managing. 

Including subjects such as:

  • Mindset Shifts
  • Getting organise
  • Market Domination
  • Negotiation Strategies
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Increasing Listing Success
  • Influencing Strategies
  • Qualifying Buyers and Sellers
  • Communication Skills
  • Leading Stand-out Sales Meetings
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Business Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Market share Growth
  • Pipeline Management
  • Working in a SuperTeam
  • Motivation Musts
  • Creating a Circle of Influence
  • Brand Building
  • Business Base (database) Growth
  • Creating a High Performance Culture
  • Developing an exceptional Team Culture
  • Generating Referrals
  • High Performers Management

Michael can easily change and alter the content of his presentations to directly reflect the current issues Australasian real estate professionals are facing or your current outcome.

More importantly when delivering his customised keynotes, Michael’s audience receives a strong motivational message backed with highly relevant and practical content that encourages them to take immediate action. Michael’s upbeat, engaging style allows his audience the freedom to enhance their thinking and expand their outlook.


Michael has worked with, and coached the who’s who of Australasian real estate:


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