[intro_text icon=”fa-angle-double-down” title=”About”]“My mission is to transform the reputation and results of the real estate profession as well as the level of service offered to clients.” – Michael Sheargold [/intro_text][intro_text icon=”fa-angle-double-down” title=”Michael Sheargold – Coach, Speaker, CEO”]One of Australasia’s most respected Business Coaches and Performance Experts! [/intro_text]

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[section_title desc_opt=”true” desc=”Long before coaching was popular and the term “coaching” was used
– Michael Sheargold was coaching who are now some of
Australia’s most successful Agents and Principals.”]A little bit of background…[/section_title]

Business Performance Coaching has been Michael Sheargold’s profession for nearly twenty-five years –
it’s what drives him to constantly create, hone and improve his personal performance – and the performance of
the Principals, Sales Manager and Business Leaders that he works with.

Michael has worked with, and coached the who’s who of Australasian real estate:

John McGrath
James Tostevin
James Connell
Philip Webb
John Cunningham
Matthew Bourn

James Redfern
Andrew Hayne
Steven Kourdis
Madeline Kennedy
Andrew McCann

Mark Rumsey
Kingsley Looker
Lucas Sheppard
Marcus Chiminello
Richard Young
Steve Lambley

Warwick Williams
James Curtain
Adam Flynn
Megan Jaffe
Matt Lahood

Michael has coached some of the most successful agencies and
real estate groups in the country
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[section_title desc_opt=”true” desc=”What Michael’s clients have to share about their experiences: “]Testimonials[/section_title][port_list]

Michael’s desire to make a difference and support
the transformation of people’s lives
is the driving force that motivates him each and every day.

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[section_title desc_opt=”true” desc=”If you would like to get in touch with Michael and his team please call 1300 273 785. “]Get in touch! [/section_title]

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