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Michael Sheargold -
Coach. Speaker. CEO.

One of Australasia’s most respected Business Coaches and Performance Experts.

Michael’s desire to make a difference and support the transformation of people’s lives is the driving force that motivates him each and every day.

Empowering next
level performance

Bringing out the best in you! Helping you create the life and business you desire


When delivering keynotes, Michael’s audience receives a strong motivational message backed with highly relevant and practical content that encourages action.


Jam packed sessions containing a combination of strategies, interviews, mindset and language for how to deal with the “now” situations your team is facing. 


High-performance business support program for growing your Real Estate business faster and more profitably. 


Premier leadership events for the real estate industry. Massive amounts of take-home value, and practical, ready-to-use tips.

What our clients have to say

Michael has coached some of the most successful agencies and real estate groups in the country. Learn how these professionals are jumping
onboard and are changing the way they do business forever.

John McGrath, McGrath Estate Agents

mcgrath estate agents

John McGrath

“Michael is undoubtedly our unfair advantage in the market.”

Matthew Bourn, mcconnell bourn estate agents

mcconnell bourn estate agents

Matthew Bourn

“Never would we have thought we could build a market leading business in 5 years with 35 employees.”

Steve Kemp, Kemp Real Estate

kemp real estate

Steve Kemp

“Joining RERN has been the best thing I have ever done in my 30 years of real estate. I wish I joined when I first talked about it and procrastinated.”

Richard Young, Caporn Young

caporn young

Richard Young

“My team and I have worked with Michael for nearly 9 years and in my opinion, there is no other coach in the world.”