This program is designed to take your results to a whole new level!

Your payback will be extraordinary!

The one fee covers everyone in your Agent SuperTeam.

Are you ready to build a SuperTeam and take your results to the next level?

Join Michael Sheargold in this breakthrough on-demand online program for successful agents ready to build a SuperTeam.

In this special online program, you’ll be working with super coach, Michael Sheargold on creating and building a new platform of growth. If you have a healthy momentum in your business and you know you want to capitalise on a new level of growth, then this on-demand online program is for you.

SuperTeams workshop is right for you if you’re looking to…

  1. Grow your market potential
  2. Achieve a new level of results
  3. Improve your support to grow
  4. Improve your service to clients
  5. Achieve better balance and time off

Who should attend Super Teams…


If you already have a team and are looking to massively improve your work style and results.


If you’ve been thinking it’s time to expand your team.


You want to grow your results massively and save time on making costly mistakes.

Meet Michael


Michael has been working with and helping agents (like you) create SuperTeams for the last decade and in this powerful program you’ll fast track your development and save you making costly mistakes.

Here’s just a few of the key points you’ll gain by attending SuperTeams…

  • Why create a SuperTeam and are you ready for growth
  • Effective SuperTeam structures
  • The 5 S’s you must know to be effective
  • SuperTeam challenges and danger points
  • Creating an effective workstyle where everyone wins
  • The 10 characteristics of high performing teams and putting them into action
  • The SuperTeam delegation process you must use
  • How to set common goals to ensure everyone is on the same page
  • Effective job descriptions and role clarification
  • Key systems and standards you need for success
  • Planning your ideal week
  • How to run great team meetings
  • Keeping your team focussed on the main aim of the game
  • Finding the ideal team members
  • Remuneration and induction strategies

If you set up your team correctly, you will fast-track your success. If you don’t – you can lose marketshare, your focus and literally thousands of dollars!

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