Finally, a dedicated Sales Managers Program designed to build high-performance sales teams and outstanding results!

Join Michael Sheargold’s

It’s time to gain the specific skills and strategies to drive your sales growth goals.

If you’re ready to unlock the potential of your sales team, then join Michael Sheargold as he shares the strategies that have helped his clients out-perform the competition.

A special online program designed for sales managers, coaches, and leaders to accelerate their team’s performance.

This program is right for you if you want to…

  • Bring out the best in your team
  • Have engaged meetings that motivate
  • Help people who grow because of your leadership
  • Up your coaching game
  • Build a focused training program
  • Up your recruitment
  • Create an accountability system
  • Help your people stay on track
  • Build a sales leader mindset

If you’re responsible for a Sales Team – then make Sales Managers Program a must attend for you!

If you’re responsible for a Sales Team – then make the Sales Managers Program a must attend for you!

Over 19 powerful modules, you’ll be equipped with the most relevant and in-depth strategies to grow the performance of your sales team. It’s full of “how to” quick wins plus success strategies to build even greater momentum in your market.

Each module is packed with take-home value to accelerate the success you and your team can achieve.

Over the past 2 decades Michael Sheargold has helped business owners and leaders unlock the performance of their business.  A huge focus is on growing and enhancing sales performance by tapping into team success strategies that work.

Sheargold is known for simplifying the process of growth and giving his clients a practical pathway forward.

You’ll walk away from the Sales Managers Program equipped to grow the results of your team and create a performance culture where everyone wins.

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