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Week 1

Here’s a few quick tips to review from session one:

  • Shift from Liked to Respected
  • Talk through the best way to work together
  • Build Positive Rapport – you’re committed to their success
  • Gain permission for coaching
  • Approach the relationship with openess and honesty
  • Coaching is confidential
  • Resetting can allow a “next level” communication
  • Use the apology frame if needed
  • Be present in the Coaching Space you create
  • Set the ideal frequency for both of you
  • And remember… different strokes for different folks!

Week 2

It’s important when you move into this zone to let go of any assumptions (apart from the fact that something great is about to happen!) This stage is about questions and stepping into their shoes and where can you help them create the biggest change.

Week 3

With coaching your team members, now that you’ve been able to create your coaching relationship and assess their current reality, you’ll have some background to be able to build their motivation for change.

Week 4

As a Coach it’s your goal to empower your team for the best possible growth. So helping to reframe their past and look forward to a more powerful future is a core component of any coaching relationship.

Week 5

There’s power that comes with direction and focus, which is why creating that compelling future for your coaching clients is incredibly important.

Week 7

Here’s the biggest insight I can give you around the Accountability framework: You cannot hold someone accountable for something they’re not committed to!

Week 8

One of the best conversations you can lead in your coaching relationship is the Momentum Conservation. If your coaching client is stalling with momentum, come back to the vision and the future they want to create. 

Week 9

Unlocking Empowering Beliefs for Success – this one of the biggest learnings you will guide your clients through in a coaching conversation.

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