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Join me to build a new level of team performance. The true essence of leadership is being able to shift, engage and inspire others to achieve outstanding results.

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Set yourself apart from other leaders
and advance your coaching skills

The heart of this ultimate empowerment program is enhancing your ability to help other people succeed. Join Coach the Coach and be surprised what you can and will achieve! Included in this program is LIVE weekly coaching sessions, access to the exclusive Coach the Coach closed Facebook group and a selection of hands-on practical tools you can apply immediately to get results.

Here's a snapshot of what you'll gain from Coach the Coach

  • The do’s and dont’s of coaching
  • How to create the confidence for change in others
  • The keys to moving from care taking to creating performance
  • How to stimulate effective co-operation
  • Building motivation for change
  • When and how to use the re-set process
  • How to set up an effective coaching relationship
  • Creating the right coaching space
  • The power of re-framing in coaching
  • The GPS Results Navigation System
  • When and how to use the SOS Coaching Method
  • Creating coaching momentum
  • How to apply different strokes for different folks
  • The use of agreements in coaching
  • Dealing effectively with SCAMM’s
  • How to deal with under-performance
  • Creating effective accountability
  • The importance of resetting relationships
  • How to set up coaching meetings for success
  • Effectively managing the coaching process
  • Super-effective questioning techniques that get results
  • How to help others move into their achievement zone

The 9 powerful frames
of Coach the Coach

What I have discovered is when you develop a deep understanding and a growth mindset around these 9 frames, these really become your draws in the tool kit to help you succeed in coaching… and it all starts with the first one.  

Remember if you don’t have a effective coaching relationship nothing else matters!

Michael is one of Australia’s leading authorities on creating outstanding results in business and in life. Even before the concept of coaching was popular in business, Michael was working with thousands of clients both individually and in teams to bring out the very best in their ability to achieve great results. In the past 20 years Michael has conducted over 10,000 coaching sessions – making him one of the most experienced coaches in the world today. This is further strengthened by his work, study and consulting with some of the world’s leading companies and trainers. As head coach of Australia’s leading coaching company, he will help you create outstanding results in your business.

Michael Sheargold


Move YOU and YOUR team forward at an accelerated pace

Attendees from last years coach the coach program

What people say?

Awesome program, the best I have ever attended!

It hit the mark on everything and put me in the right frame to take action. I'm ready to implement material that was so relevant to my business and team.
John Cunningham
cunninghams property

Fantastic program!

I've been on the search for coaching like this for years! Very worthwhile - Most beneficial was the dialogue and how to use it in every day situations with my team.
Claudia Coren
Yeppoon real estate

The best coaching I have ever been part of.

Will help me both personally and professionally. The most beneficial to me is that everything is about my beliefs and that it is OK to gain and give support.
Jackie Hall
Marshall white

Your payback will be extraordinary

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Want better results? What to achieve more? Want to motivate and inspire others?
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Phone: 1300 273 785
Email: michael@michaelsheargold.com
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