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Unlocking Empowering Beliefs for Success

Beliefs are thoughts in our head that influence our behaviour, attitude and actions. They control how we live our lives. There are two kinds of beliefs; empowering beliefs that allow us to get up in the morning and do what we do and disempowering beliefs which potentially hold us back.

As business coaches, we need to minimise disempowering beliefs that inevitably create roadblocks to achieving success.

Firstly, it is important to instil confidence in our clients that we, as their coach, have the necessary skills and ability to take them to that next level. The confidence ladder is a great tool for this. Every step reinforces your commitment and vision for your client’s future and outlines what they need to do to get there.

The confidence ladder – 5 steps to successStep 1: Your team are committed to utilising the best strategies available.

Step 2: As a business coach, you will ensure they have the best skills to apply those strategies to make it happen.

Step 3: Knowledge – you want them to have a superior knowledge of what they are out to achieve.

Step 4: You want them to have the best scripts and dialogues as to how to communicate that knowledge to achieve amazing results.

Step 5: Mindset – all of the above accounts for 20% of someone’s success and mindset accounts for 80% of success.

The importance of the mind

Step five in the confidence ladder is critical for your clients to appreciate and understand. When the mind travels from the “Can I do it?” state, to an “I can do it!” state, from doubt to purpose, then opportunities will start being seen as possible – and the results will absolutely reflect this.

What can you do to ensure that your clients adopt a positive mindset?

My favourite saying is: A breakthrough almost always follows a break with.

You need to challenge your clients to break with some of their misguided beliefs and open them up to adopting new ways. You can achieve this through a simple 7 step belief change process:

  1. Old belief. When did you decide it?
  2. What are the benefits? There must be benefits if you are hanging on to it.
  3. What are the costs?
  4. Are you prepared to pay the costs?
  5. What is a new empowering belief that will allow you to be effective in this area?
  6. What are the Daily doable actions that will allow us to lock this in?
  7. Conditioning in to habit – how can we achieve this? (aim to achieve one habit/month)

One of your greatest coaching challenges will be to master the internal marketplace of your client’s mind. Tools such as the confidence ladder and 7 step belief change method enhance your ability to shift any negative beliefs and create a more positive mindset, laying the perfect foundation for success.

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