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The 3 Types of Client Communication every agent must know

Posted July 4, 2018 by in Uncategorised
You want your clients to think of you as “My agent” – even if it’s been a few years since you sold them their property! That comes with consistent and relevant touch points. Here are the 3 Types of Communication Every Agent Must Know!

(These touch points are designed to support the rest of your marketing mix, not be the only element.)

Here are the three types of client communication you must know:

  1. The Reconnect call

    This is when you sent your clients to the “ real estate orphanage” and you wish to bring them back into the family. This is a very simple strategy. You can try dialogue like:

    “I was driving past your house the other day and thought of you, how are you enjoying the property?”


    “I was driving past your house the other day and thought of you, have the kids settled in the school?”


    “I was driving past your house the other day and thought of you, how are you going with your plans to renovate?

With the reconnect call the most important thing to do is to check and to see if there is anything you can help them with at the moment from a real estate point of view.

This is not the time for you to ask for referrals, just don’t go there at all! This is purely to reconnect and bring them back to the family.

  1.  The Check-in Call

    This is when you are already in a relationship with an existing client.

    You may be making 3-4 calls per year already (well done). The calls are designed to check in (remind them you exist) on how’s everything going or how they’re enjoying the property. Here you can insert some “By the way…” sentences, such as:

    “By the way, I’m not sure if you saw the property we sold around the corner.”


    “By the way, I thought I’d let you know there’s a listing around the corner that would be fantastic for you to look at.”


    “By the way, if you have any friends, family members or work colleagues who are looking for any advice on property, that’s buying, selling or leasing, I’d be delighted to help. Please pass on my details”

3. The Opportunity call

This is a call where you literally check in for an opportunity. Ultimately, the opportunity is bubbling on the surface and if they have any thought of selling, you’re there to help them. Here’s some dialogue:

“Hi, just want to check-in with you on how things are going. I was just wondering, have you had any thoughts of selling?”

This will start a sort of game with the agent and client based on their answer:

“Just wondering, if you were to move, where would you move? Would you stay in the area or would you move somewhere else?”


“That’s interesting… What would prompt you make that move?”


“When would that likely be?”

Now, you don’t’ start this like an interrogation. Try to make it casual and part of the conversation. (Also read my article about Questioning here).

At the end of this conversation you can ask a hypothetical and create a deal making conversation:

“Suppose we had a buyer the pretty much describes you property to me, would you like us to have a conversation around potentially where they are at price wise / when they are moving?”


“We had someone who was interested in your property, or described your property to me, would you like me to keep you in touch of that?”

You’re looking for opportunities bubbling under the surface. This could create some excellent long-term pipeline opportunities for you!

There you have 3 types of client communication for you to add into your mix! If you are keen to massively change your career goals and achieve huge growth I’d love for you to join me at TurningPoint – my 2 day Agent Success Program coming up soon in Sydney. Click here for more info.

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