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The 3 Important Meetings Your Team and Agency Needs

Posted May 9, 2017 by in Principals, Strategies, Team

One of the best ways to plan for your results and plan for your success is to actually spend time working ON your business.

You can do this through “ON MEETINGS”. In this article, I want to take you through the best ON MEETINGS to have with your team and the difference between ON MEETINGS and IN MEETINGS.

Special note: you are in a perfect position now to structure your next 6 months. Once you’ve read through this article, straight away go and set these meetings in your calendar.

What is an “ON MEETING”?

An “ON MEETING” is a meeting where you as the leader and your team together are focused ON the business direction and goals.

The 3 most important ON MEETINGS

  1. An example of this is your annual strategy meeting. Depending on the structure of your business this can be a 1 – 2 day meeting and it’s the time to plan the next 12 months of the business. A good base to start with is a review of the last 12 months and a preview of what is coming up for the next 12 months. It’s about bigger picture business items and not about any small team issues or clients issues (that comes later).

    Now if you skipped or missed your annual strategy meeting in December – now is the perfect time to schedule one!michael-sheargold-real-estate-training-australia-the-3-important-meetings-your-team-and-agency-needs-3
  2. So after your annual strategy meeting, you have a plan for the year – which you can break down into quarterly goals. You then set in the diary quarterly team meetings that must occur each 12 weeks.

    Big tip there: set it in the diary – these are progress and momentum meetings.

    At these quarterly team meetings, you can talk about the themes for each quarter, the training schedule for the next quarter, culture, key events, community events; things like that. These are a half-day meeting and it’s really fast tempo and high energy.

  3. Also each quarter, you can also have a meeting with each individual team members. These are the meetings where you can find out where they’re at, what they need, where they’re heading. You can leverage your time here by empowering your sales manager or another senior team member or leader in your business to help you out here if you have a massive team.

    So this meeting is a team member strategy, not a business strategy; think of it as a GPS meeting: Goals, Plans, Support.michael-sheargold-real-estate-training-australia-the-best-meetings-to-regularly-need-in-your-agency-2


There you have the 3 most important ON MEETINGS: annual strategy, quarterly team meetings and quarterly team member meetings. They are so important to your business; if you have not yet scheduled these and implemented them into your business please do it now! 

Word of wisdom for ON MEETINGS

It’s uncommon to have an excellent strategy session in the office. Take it off site and change the energy! Why? It’s a mindset shift. Take the team out of the office and they can focus more on the big picture without being ‘in’ the office. Also, you can organise the half-day quarterly meetings in the afternoon and then have a team dinner or bbq or drinks with the team after the meeting. If your team is travelling for the quarterly meetings then add some training and learning into the day (then it can become more of a full day as opposed to a half day) the key is to be flexible with your team and find what works for you.

The Difference between an ON MEETING and an IN MEETING

An “IN MEETING” is a meeting where you and your team are focused on what’s really happening on a day to day basis in the business. So, your weekly and monthly team meetings.

These meetings are where the nuts and bolts of what is going on in the fast-paced environment of the team can be discussed. You can review what coming up for the week as an agency, what the team has coming up, what events or competitions you’re running that month, sales results, client issues and any big wins.

Your  “IN MEETINGS” are just as important as your “ON MEETINGS” to help your team stay on track as they have a format and a structure where the team feels empowered and comfortable.

Your  “IN” the business will take all the time it gives you which is why you need to schedule time working “ON” your business. It’s amazing how much you realise you need the “ON” time when you take the time to do it! Get to it and post any questions or feedback you have in the comments below.

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