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Strategies for a Successful Spring Campaign

Posted July 24, 2019 by in Building Relationships, Principals, Strategies

Spring is traditionally the busiest time of year for real estate agents which is why it is surprising so many leave it until the last minute to ‘spring’ (sorry!) into action. This year I want to challenge you to start your Spring capitalisation plan right now.

Feel vs Do

The biggest impediment to us being effective in our planning is this notion of feel vs do. There is a very important distinction between these concepts. Do I feel like getting up in winter and going to the gym? Probably not. But I do it to honour the commitment I have made to myself and as a result I feel great about it. If, in this example, I allowed the feel to override the do in the moment, I wouldn’t go to the gym. I would find something else to do with my time and as a result of not honouring my commitment, I’m not going to get the desired outcome. Do I feel good about that? No I don’t.

From a real estate perspective there are a lot of average agents out there that allow the feel to override the do. Exceptional agents don’t.

 Be an exceptional agent.

 Honour that commitment to prospecting, to connecting, to your listing presentations. Time and energy are the two biggest things you can put in to your business so make sure you honour that time commitment. It will make the single biggest difference to your business this year, I promise you that.

It won’t be easy. As humans it is totally normal for the feel to creep in. There are always going to be things we don’t feel like doing. But when that happens, simply thank it for coming and allow the do to take over and notice how you feel after.

It’s time to head in to this Spring selling season with your game face on. Commit to being the best version of yourself and do those things you know make the biggest difference, even when you don’t feel like it.

This is my challenge to you!

If you are an entrepreneurial agent, already looking ahead for when you become a leader (and want tips on how to succeed) I urge you to look at the amazing speaker line up for The Business of Real Estate 2019. Check it out here.

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