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So you’ve listed the property and you’re on the same team as your client, nothing more to do now but sell and get a result, right?

I’m glad you’re thinking no, well at least I hope you’re thinking no! Sure, a considerable amount of pressure has been lifted however you have opened up a whole new task in the form of campaign management.

Remember it’s not only the result that matters here, it’s the journey.

Get it right, and all of a sudden you create a raving fan for life. Get the journey wrong and (even if you get the pricing result) you will fall short of meeting expectations of providing an unforgettable client experience.

Below are 10 points which I believe will enhance your continued conversation with your clients and help build the momentum you need throughout your campaigns. The 10 Steller Seller Frames will do much more than create a tongue twister, they’ll help you provide your clients with a selling experience to talk about.  

10 Stellar Seller Frames

  1. Setting the scene

Prior to listing the property you were meeting your client on a very different level so now it’s time to re-set the scene. It is likely your client will not remember everything from your listing appointment so take the time to clarify their expectations. In this meeting you will need to come up with a plan for the best way you can work together to achieve your goal of getting the maximum price. Things you may cover this this meeting include:

  •        Communication – how they would like to be communicated with
  •        Offer/auction process
  •        Buyer questions – typical things that will be asked
  •        Open home schedule
  •        Feedback – how they would like to receive feedback.
  1. Consistent feedback

The key to any successful relationship is communication – clear and frequent! Potential ways to communicate with your clients include:

  •       Weekly reports
  •       SMS
  •       Daily calls
  •       Video updates between open homes
  •       Face to face meetings

It’s important to get the mix right here and it will change with every client so be adaptable! 

  1.  Activity review

As part of your communication with your client, ensure you provide regular market updates. This is particularly important during a slowdown in the market. By providing a simple marketplace review you can alleviate any client concerns and provide them with a greater understanding of the market their home is competing in.  

  1. Time blow out

Air any time-blow out concerns with your client in terms of negotiation power shifts.

  1. Evidence

The more evidence you provide will boost your clients’ confidence in your capabilities.

  •       Case studies
  •       Sales results
  •       Media articles – have it in your mix what the media is saying about the market.
  1. Price feedback

This is a moving part and the conversation you need to have will be dependent on how the campaign is tracking.

  1. Buyer feedback

Have a clear buyer feedback mechanism.

  1. I’m on your team

Reiterate to your client that you are on their team and you want to sell their property from the highest point the market will pay.

  1. Offer process

Discuss the keep price – i.e. the price when it is more value for your client to keep property then sell it to achieve their goals.

  1. Goals review

Here we need to look at the goal of the goal. For example if your client is moving they are going to be more focussed on that than anything else. Step in to their shoes and help them in any way you can.

The Stellar Seller Frames are an important framework underlying your sales campaign. The list provide you will a lot of opportunity to capitalise on the sales process and create a sales experience like no other. For further information please call  the team on 1300 273 785. 

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