Masterclass: Capitalising on accountability

Everyone who owns a business has some sort of accountability in place. The question is – how effective is it and is it producing the kind of results that are holding people to the pathway they want to achieve?

Why accountability?

Accountability in an effective form is a system designed to help people understand if they are on track or if they are off track, what they need to do to get back on track to achieve their goals.

Creating consistency

In real estate, the roller coaster ride is alive and well. Often we experience good months, followed by a challenging one. When times are good, leaders tend to take the brake off when it comes to accountability. However when things are challenging, we start to put the accountability pressure back on.

In real estate, creating consistency in accountability starts at the leads activity. If we get the leads flow in place then the nurture flow will happen, then the listing flow will happen and so forth.

Leadership and accountability:

Accountability and leadership go hand in hand. As a real estate business owner, your business results are more often than not dependant on the results of others. As such it is imperative that you put a framework in place that creates positive energy and encourages your team to perform their best.

Accountability and culture:

If you want to create a culture of accountability, then it starts with you. Model behaviours that you want to see in your business. If you want people to take ownership, then you have to be seen to take ownership, when you make commitments, you have to be seen to meet these commitments. If you don’t, then how can you convince others to be interested in doing so?

How to get your team to perform above the line:

Teams are either operating above or below the line. When people are performing ‘below the line’ they are blaming, using excuses, denying and blaming everyone but themselves. When they are performing ‘above the line’ they take ownership, are accountable, responsible and making choices about where they want to go.

To get your team consistently operating above the line, they will need an understanding of what their responsibilities are and what they are accountable for.

Results productivity platform

This is a great platform to apply accountability. Go through each success pillar with your team members and understand how accountability in each area will set up the organisation for success.

  1. Prospecting – what is the best way to conduct prospects i.e. by phone or face to face
  2. Nurturing – how do you nurture relationships you already have?
  3. Networking – who is best suited for this task?
  4. Marketing – agents in a way that will stand out in marketplace.

Agents and accountability

As a business leader it is important to recognise that as agents start to evolve from new starters to performers, their business goals and accountability may differ. For example, performers will mainly have results-based goals whereas goals for new recruits may be more focused around activity indicators. Ensure you have an understanding of each individual’s business generation activity in light of their career cycle. This will provide you (and them) with validation, clear measurements of progress, and most importantly, that extra support they need when road isn’t smooth.

For further information and accountability-generating tools, please contact the team at RERN.


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