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With Christmas just around the corner, it can be easy to get caught up in the festive season and forget about finishing the year off with the same energy and enthusiasm you started with.

But there are still eight Saturdays to go before the man in red pays us a visit so let’s regroup and work out how we are going to use this time to get some great results and set ourselves up for 2019.

Challenging yourself

Ask yourself and your team what the end of year is going to look like? And just as important – what is the start-up plan for 2019?

Before we pack up for the year you need to make sure you have plans in place for next year and that a solid foundation has been laid to achieve these.

Some good real estate examples:

  •        How many listings do I want to have secured?
  •        How many appointments am I going to have with my vendors?
  •        How many potential sellers am I going to have?

All in the mind

Did you know at any given time we have 600 words per minute running through our mind?

What are you currently saying to yourself? Are you giving yourself a good time or a hard time? Looking around at the market I am hearing a lot of tough market thinking going on. In real estate there are two markets you need to master. The first is your internal market – what goes on in your mind.

The second, the external market.

Of these markets there is one you can control (internal) and one you can influence in a major way (external).

For the remainder if the spring season I want to you look at your internal market.
Recognise who you are spending time with, who are you listening to?
What are you hearing?
And how are you supporting yourself to have quality thinking?

It’s important to recognise that if you put explosive energy in to the coming months you will most certainly have an explosive finish to the year and put yourself in a great position to start 2019 on a winning path.

Attitude and commitment is everything, so work with your team to generate that extra “spring” in your step and you may be surprised by the great things that can happen.


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