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Clarity = Power

Posted June 29, 2015 by in Strategies, Training

“I’m pretty clear that it’s going to be the most motivated agent, who uses the most effective strategies and who takes massive actions to the direction of their goals who wins in the end” – Michael Sheargold.

By identifying the keys to creating greater clarity in your year, you can continue the great momentum you’ve started at the beginning of the year and best handle the real estate rollercoaster. Get really clear – Motivation, Strategy and Action.

5 key clarity points for greater action and results:

  1. Business Generation.
    Look at your Business Generation plan. Is it targeted and focused? Is it going to give you a healthy flow of listing opportunities for your pipeline?
  1. Pipeline Management.
    Does your Pipeline Management need an upgrade? If you look at your pipeline management last year, what is the area that you can actually tweak and hone to see results now?
  1. Time Management.
    Almost certainly there are 1 to 3 things you can do from a time management point of view to give you a greater clarity and a greater focus on what you’re doing on a daily basis to reach your goals.
  1. Listing appointments.
    Are there any upgrades needed to be done with your listing appointments? Check out your listing tools, upgrade your notes, anything clunky at your listing appointment that can literally help you get better results out there in the marketplace.
  1. Service upgrade.
    That’s a service upgrade to your buyers and your sellers. If property management is a part of your business, then what would be a service upgrade to your landlords and your tenants.

These 5 Key Clarity Points are such an important framework for you to be effective and hitting goals right now. Mid year is a great time to review your Top 5 Goals from a Business Point of view and your Top 5 Goals from a Personal point of view and then see what key upgrades come out of the review session.

If there’s something you know that you need to upgrade that will give you the biggest room, the biggest bang for your buck then make sure your put that in place now!

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