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How to Gain Rock-Solid Commitment From Your Clients

Posted December 14, 2016 by in Building Relationships, Strategies

Your mission; should you chose to accept it is to create change for your clients.

You’re helping them move closer to their property goals: but first, you must gain their commitment to allow you to do this!

Commitment-phobic buyers and sellers are everywhere, and it’s understandable: a recent UK study shows that buying or selling a house is just as stressful as getting a divorce.

For some of your clients, buying or selling a house is a HUGE transaction and if they’re unclear, uneasy or confused for any reason, they’re likely to be uncommitted or struggle to commit.

It’s up to you as the professional to help your client’s through this process seamlessly.

Create ease, explain the process and gain the commitment to move forward. Take it from me; gaining commitment is vital.

It’s something the best real estate agents are very good at and when done well is something that can make a massive difference to your business!

Today I want to share with you my 7 Secrets to Gaining Rock-Solid Commitment from your clients.


1. Stack the Value

It’s natural for your clients to become distracted by price – we all understand budget is a factor! To gain solid commitment from your client, help them understand the value to them in the deal.

This is where you must understand their goals and motivations.

What do they want? Is it stepping up their investment portfolio, or a home in the right location?

Provided you understand your client’s goals and you completely understand what your clients perceive as valuable, you can then present the deal in terms of how they will benefit. When your clients see the value – the value you have highlighted to them – they instantly become more committed to achieving their goal.

Once you have “stacked the value” your job will simply be to work together, and help them achieve it.


2. Confirm Fit

Whilst stacking the value can be very effective, to gain a deeper commitment the next thing you can do is make sure your client is really committed to the deal.

By simply asking the following question, they will further convince themselves as they answer it:

“Do you agree this is what you want?”

This is almost a psychological trigger – by allowing your client to give a verbal confirmation (out loud) they will cement the intention in their own mind.

At this stage, you want to maintain the positive momentum you’ve created with your client by helping them towards achieving their goals (so our first point about knowing what their goals are is an important one!)



3. Future Commit

Creating a deadline, or a time for action to be taken can be a powerful motivator.

So set a date! You can use dialogue like:

“Let’s put your property on the market starting from next Friday” or

“You could be moving in exactly five weeks from now”.

By helping to make their property goals more real and tangible, you are firming up your client’s intentions to follow through.

This is gaining super strong commitment! Setting a date moves you from speculation to action.



4. Conditional

For some of your clients, buying or selling a property can be a once-in-a-lifetime transaction.

It’s not something they do every day so there is the potential for overwhelm – and subsequent in-action – which means they can get stuck.

Helping your client move through the conditions in order to complete the process is helping your client get closer to their property goals: and that’s what you’re here to make happen!

Lead them step-by-step through the process:

“What needs to happen next to secure finance so we can look at putting in an offer?”

“Let’s get a painter in next week so we can list at the beginning of the month, I know a great company…”

Most of the time people will feel relief when someone takes the reins to guide them through the hurdles of buying or selling.

If your clients are ‘stuck’ on a certain point and you feel they may be using as an excuse not to commit, remember: you’re the expert here!

Step up and help them through whichever process they’re unsure or uneasy about.


5. Next steps

This is a more proactive version of the previous secret.

Here’s the trick: focus on what needs to happen next.

Do this by keeping your client focused on an action:

“To be ready to list next week, all we need to do is…”

By breaking the process down into small actionable steps, your client can relax knowing your experience will guide them to the desired outcome.


6. Direct

There’s nothing wrong with being direct and getting to the pointy end of the conversation clearly and confidently!

You can ask a seller…

“Are you ready to put me to work?”

You can ask a buyer…

“Why don’t you buy this property?”

The direct approach will allow you to identify if there are any issues getting in the way of moving forward.

For your clients, once you have established rapport and you’ve built the foundation of your relationship, a direct approach can land really well, however, if you have not put in the steps to gain their trust, understand their goals and really key into their values, a direct approach can land as a little pushy.

It comes down to you understanding their motivations and their end goal. Once you have this, you can be confident in the fact you are the best real estate professional to help them achieve their goals.

[Remember: it’s the best trained, best equipped agents who stand out against their competition and make it really easy for clients to commit to them! For more information on how to become this agent, click here.]


7. Assumptive

This ‘secret’ of positive reinforcement is powerful, but it requires caution.

Keep the assumptive in your thinking – it allows you to be optimistic in the way you go about your negotiations.

Remember – you belief is transferred in everything you say and do when you are negotiating.

Phrases like:

“I’m really looking forward to helping you own this property” and

“I can’t wait to get this one on the market for you” almost presents it as a done deal.

If your clients are leaning towards the right decision it might just tip them over the edge.

Don’t go overboard… but always be positive!


There you have the 7 Secrets to Gaining Rock-Solid Commitment.

Use these secrets to massively step up your game and become a high-performance agent.

Remember: you’re creating change for your clients, you’re a part of their lives for a stressful moment in their lives and I think you can see sometimes it’s just subtle changes in your approach, your dialogue and your process that will see BIG shifts in your results.

If you’re serious about seeing huge changes in your business and want a step-by-step map to follow for all your negotiation, listing, selling, buyer and seller management strategies I urge you to invest your time with me at TurningPoint: it’s two full days of coaching with me, after which you will walk away with a whole new results-driven system to use right away. It’s the best investment you will make in your real estate career this year!

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