Accountability and team engagement are important pieces of a productive workplace. Accountability is linked to higher performance as well as increases in commitment to work and employee morale. So as a business coach and mentor, it is imperative that you spend time on developing individual accountability.

Without it, standards and performance will start to crumble because when one practice is compromised, then other practices begin to decline in quality!

Be aware that a lot of people view accountability in a negative light. They see it as a way of checking up on them or micro-managing. Generally speaking people don’t want accountability they need accountability.

Putting a positive spin on accountability

In essence, accountability is simply finding out what someone is committed to and providing the supportive framework to enhance that commitment. It’s important to reinforce this concept with your employees. You may be engaged in reminding them of the commitment they are making but it’s still their commitment!

Driving accountability in your workplace:

Below are some simple guidelines to fostering accountability and keeping employees productive and focused within the workplace:

● Book in a meeting with your employee as soon as you notice commitment starting to waiver. Don’t allow the situation to deteriorate to a point of no return.

● Permission – if we are going to hold someone accountable, we need their permission. Ask them directly: “Do I have your permission to hold you accountable for this? Remember you asked me to hold you accountable? Are you on track? If you are off-track what are you going to do to change that?”

● Agreement – accountability manifests itself in so many ways there has to be agreement with your employee about what that looks like. For example; “Are you sending me a text at the end of each day? Let’s agree at the end of the week you’re going to send me how many people you added to your pipeline”. Make sure the agreement runs both ways.

● Rewards when employees do meet their commitments. Often once someone has a hold on an area, we sometimes focus on something else without truly recognising the achievement. Make sure you have a rewards conversation so that you can actively reward performance; “When you do this how are you going to reward yourself?”

Tough love

Occasionally as business coaches we need to have those tough conversations with our employees to ensure they are meeting their commitment to themselves, to you and to the organisation itself.

With accountability discussions, it makes it easier knowing that it is essential to the healthy and successful functioning of your company. Let your employees know from the start that these conversations are all coming from support.

Yes it may be tough love but it’s coming from the point of view that; “I believe in you now let’s translate that to performance!”

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