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Coaching Framework 4: Retraining the past for greater possibility

Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.

— Henry Ford

Never a true adage was spoken. I’ve coached a lot of people during the course of my career and one thing I can say with certainty is that the biggest impediment to people reaching their true potential is their own negative self-belief. In fact, as a business coach one of your greatest challenges will be ensuring your clients not only understand this, but believe it.

All it takes is a simple shift in mindset for someone to recognise that their past and current reality doesn’t equal their future. Unless they say so. And that’s a really important point. The power lies within your clients themselves. They have to get on board with the notion that they can use their past experiences but instead of being defined by them, be empowered.

Reframing the past:

A great starting point is to work with your team to reframe the past. Here are few techniques to get you started:  

  1. Your past does not equal your future. Have this conversation with your team and ensure they truly believe in the concept. If they don’t, status quo will prevail.
  2. Probable or possible future? Ask a six year old – what does your ideal house look like? Then ask an adult. You’ll hear very different responses. Kids might describe a house with seven pools, a vending machine and a bowling alley, just to name a few. Adults on the other hand will stick to the more probable response – three bedrooms, two bathrooms, white picket fence yadda yadda *yawn*.

My point here is that when goal setting for our future successes, we need to shift our thinking and focus on possibility, not probably. Coach your clients to have the courage to reach for that big hairy audacious goal, what do they have to lose?

  1. Case studies: Are powerful tools that you should use regularly as part of your coaching armour. They will enable your clients to see or hear someone who has been through what they have been through and achieved remarkable things. Use as much evidence-based studies as you can.  
  2. Fluff busting: Is about breaking down the barriers that are not allowing your clients to move forward and accelerate to a new level. In other words, taking that old way of thinking and reframing it to operate in a different way. Some classic real estate examples:
  3. a) Your client says: “I need to be at every photo shoot or I’m letting my clients down”. Is this an effective use of their two hours? A more productive use of their time would be to spend 10 minutes there and the rest of the time walking around to meet the neighbours. Reframe!
  4. b) Your client gets caught in a deal that hasn’t gone their way. The fact they have missed the deal isn’t so much the issue. The issue is the amount of effort they put in to worrying about that loss in comparison to the effort they put in to going out and finding new business, will have a huge impact.

Your clients need to understand that business is full of swings and roundabouts, and as coaches we need to apply a bit of a ‘get up and get over it’ attitude in order to be achieving more.

  1. Challenge frame: If you see regular patterns emerging from your client that are impeding on their ability to grow, it is likely there needs to be a change in behaviour to reframe past thinking. These can be difficult conversations to have and the technique should only be used if you have the rapport with your client that enables you to engage in a tougher coaching style.  Some examples:
  •        When did you decide that you can only list two properties a month?
  •        When did you decide that it was easier to drop fees as opossed to becoming better at negotiating?

The fundamental driver behind each challenge frame should be: how can I help my client overcome these patterns of behaviour to become more successful?

Tough love

As a business coach it is your role to work with your clients to get the best out of themselves. Sometimes part of that journey means having conversations that challenge them to new ways of thinking and working. Although these conversations at times may seem difficult, they have the ability to transform that person forever. There is no greater reward than seeing your clients producing results that they never thought imaginable, it’s a gentle reminder about why we do this in the first place!

For further information about the business coaching frameworks, please contact the team on 1300 273 785.


michael-sheargold-real estate-coaching-training

Last Push for Spring Selling

With Christmas just around the corner, it can be easy to get caught up in the festive season and forget about finishing the year off with the same energy and enthusiasm you started with.

But there are still eight Saturdays to go before the man in red pays us a visit so let’s regroup and work out how we are going to use this time to get some great results and set ourselves up for 2019.

Challenging yourself

Ask yourself and your team what the end of year is going to look like? And just as important – what is the start-up plan for 2019?

Before we pack up for the year you need to make sure you have plans in place for next year and that a solid foundation has been laid to achieve these.

Some good real estate examples:

  •        How many listings do I want to have secured?
  •        How many appointments am I going to have with my vendors?
  •        How many potential sellers am I going to have?

All in the mind

Did you know at any given time we have 600 words per minute running through our mind?

What are you currently saying to yourself? Are you giving yourself a good time or a hard time? Looking around at the market I am hearing a lot of tough market thinking going on. In real estate there are two markets you need to master. The first is your internal market – what goes on in your mind.

The second, the external market.

Of these markets there is one you can control (internal) and one you can influence in a major way (external).

For the remainder if the spring season I want to you look at your internal market.
Recognise who you are spending time with, who are you listening to?
What are you hearing?
And how are you supporting yourself to have quality thinking?

It’s important to recognise that if you put explosive energy in to the coming months you will most certainly have an explosive finish to the year and put yourself in a great position to start 2019 on a winning path.

Attitude and commitment is everything, so work with your team to generate that extra “spring” in your step and you may be surprised by the great things that can happen.


michael-sheargold-real estate-coaching-training

How to future-proof your business

One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses today is the ever-changing nature of markets. The Real Estate sector is no different. People and houses are always entering and leaving the market. The inventory of available homes is always changing. The market is always changing. As a business owner, the single most important thing you can do is create a business that is able to adapt and thrive in the wake of these changes.

The greatest enemy of most organisations is “the way it’s always been.” If your company is held back by inertia you will be soon eaten up by faster and more nimble competitors. How do you as a leader combat this? What are you doing that makes your organisation different? And how do you sell this differentiation as a value proposition for your clients?

Three key areas of focus to help combat inertia:

  1. Turn your business in to a learning organisation. And by that I don’t just mean articulating a clear vision, giving employees the right incentives, and providing lots of training. You need to go beyond this and develop a business that fosters knowledge sharing, idea development, learning from mistakes, and holistic thinking.
  1. Improve the quality of your relationships. Building good relationships within and around your business and beyond is fundamental to the success of your organisation. It has been said that you can never have too many friends. The same goes for customers, clients and partners. Nurture these relationships and create raving fans.
  1. Become more dollar productive. Every single role in your organisation should be able to attach 80% of time on revenue producing activities. It can be a scary exercise when you get each employee to record their dollar productive hours against their other “work”. Try this with yourself today and you might be surprised with the results.

Overcoming inertia is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating a successful organisation. Charles Darwin once said: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

Three words I want you to consider: Adaptably. Responsiveness. Flexibility.

Think about these in context of your business and how do you think: a) your business rates, b) your staff rate and c) you rate as a business leader in relation to these areas.

As the business leader you play a key role in making sure you put the systems, people and polices in place to be adaptable, responsive and flexible. It is what is going to set you apart and give you the competitive edge you need to propel your business to the next level. Where do you start?

No doubt you have heard the term Customer Experience or CX. It’s not a marketing buzzword or phrase. It’s a genuine game changer and it starts with your team. Before you focus on what your customer’s experience is, I want you to think about your staff experience or SX.

Be that agency that people want to work for. Create an environment that allows your staff to enjoy and excel at what they do. Create raving fans internally. I can guarantee that a good SX will ultimately lead to an unbeatable CX. If you get the mix of SX and CX right, your level of momentum and goodwill will be a lethal combination.

And finally, take the time to consider how you are as a leader. Are you adding value? Are you a passionate advocate for changing the way your team works for the better? What changes do you need to make to ensure you are continuously evolving your business?

It’s not easy to navigate your way through ever-changing market conditions. The upcoming Business in Real Estate Conference is a valuable way to benchmark your business and identify areas in which you can improve your performance in the face of changing markets. The focus of this event is to help you evolve, develop and take your business forward.

I hope to see you there but in the meantime, please feel free to reach out to our team to discuss how we can help you to keep reaching, keep adapting and keep growing your business.

Remember that the first step is the hardest. Once you’re moving, just keep going.


The 3 Types of Client Communication every agent must know

You want your clients to think of you as “My agent” – even if it’s been a few years since you sold them their property! That comes with consistent and relevant touch points. Here are the 3 Types of Communication Every Agent Must Know!

(These touch points are designed to support the rest of your marketing mix, not be the only element.)

Here are the three types of client communication you must know:

  1. The Reconnect call

    This is when you sent your clients to the “ real estate orphanage” and you wish to bring them back into the family. This is a very simple strategy. You can try dialogue like:

    “I was driving past your house the other day and thought of you, how are you enjoying the property?”


    “I was driving past your house the other day and thought of you, have the kids settled in the school?”


    “I was driving past your house the other day and thought of you, how are you going with your plans to renovate?

With the reconnect call the most important thing to do is to check and to see if there is anything you can help them with at the moment from a real estate point of view.

This is not the time for you to ask for referrals, just don’t go there at all! This is purely to reconnect and bring them back to the family.

  1.  The Check-in Call

    This is when you are already in a relationship with an existing client.

    You may be making 3-4 calls per year already (well done). The calls are designed to check in (remind them you exist) on how’s everything going or how they’re enjoying the property. Here you can insert some “By the way…” sentences, such as:

    “By the way, I’m not sure if you saw the property we sold around the corner.”


    “By the way, I thought I’d let you know there’s a listing around the corner that would be fantastic for you to look at.”


    “By the way, if you have any friends, family members or work colleagues who are looking for any advice on property, that’s buying, selling or leasing, I’d be delighted to help. Please pass on my details”

3. The Opportunity call

This is a call where you literally check in for an opportunity. Ultimately, the opportunity is bubbling on the surface and if they have any thought of selling, you’re there to help them. Here’s some dialogue:

“Hi, just want to check-in with you on how things are going. I was just wondering, have you had any thoughts of selling?”

This will start a sort of game with the agent and client based on their answer:

“Just wondering, if you were to move, where would you move? Would you stay in the area or would you move somewhere else?”


“That’s interesting… What would prompt you make that move?”


“When would that likely be?”

Now, you don’t’ start this like an interrogation. Try to make it casual and part of the conversation. (Also read my article about Questioning here).

At the end of this conversation you can ask a hypothetical and create a deal making conversation:

“Suppose we had a buyer the pretty much describes you property to me, would you like us to have a conversation around potentially where they are at price wise / when they are moving?”


“We had someone who was interested in your property, or described your property to me, would you like me to keep you in touch of that?”

You’re looking for opportunities bubbling under the surface. This could create some excellent long-term pipeline opportunities for you!

There you have 3 types of client communication for you to add into your mix! If you are keen to massively change your career goals and achieve huge growth I’d love for you to join me at TurningPoint – my 2 day Agent Success Program coming up soon in Sydney. Click here for more info.


Gain the Most of 2017 in 7 Steps

Make a decision, choose a direction, take action.

It’s that simple right?

Sometimes the start of the year can be a slow burn, everyone still in sleepy summer holiday mode – and sometimes it can be an absolute cracker start to the year with record sales, unprecedented growth and hot markets.

However your 2017 has started, the good news is you’ve got 10 solid months left to create the results you’ve set out to achieve this year.

Let’s get into the 7 steps to gain the most from 2017!

1. Get clear on what you want



With 10 months of the year to go, the first question I’m asking is…

“How clear are you on what a great year looks like for you?”

Now ideally this would include both business and personal and the simplest way is for you to identify your top 5 business goals and top 5 personal goals that will make this a great year.

From there, ask yourself…

“What needs to happen on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to ensure I’m on track to achieving these goals?”

As simple as that sounds, you now have a plan for growth!

The other tip here is to share these with your support team – people who will help you stay on track.

2. Help other people achieve their goals



Okay with that clarity in place, let’s get clear on the basis of success in the business of real estate and beyond.

The more you help other people achieve their goals, the faster and greater momentum you’ll have towards your goals!

When this becomes your focus with people, you’ll be tuning into them even more and as they say… “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”.

So get really clear on your client’s goals and help them achieve them.

3. Make service part of your DNA


Service should not be selective. It needs to be built into the DNA of everything you do. If you’re looking for an un-paid marketing team to be activated in your market, then delivering brilliant service is the key to turning it on.

So a super simple exercise to do is either as a team or individually ask…

“What three service upgrades would make the biggest difference to our clients?”

An important point here is clients is everyone you come in contact with – buyers, sellers, landlords, property owners, key people of influence in your market.

This will help you design a service improvement plan to help you and your team standout in the market.

Do this and watch the results (and referrals) flow!

4. Take your time management to another level


The number one resource you put into your business in time and my favourite saying around time is…

“It’s not the hours you put in that count, it’s what you put into the hours.”

As simple as that statement is it’s the basis of you taking your results to another level. Imagine you could consider time like money – so you’d want to invest it wisely to enhance your returns.

The time bank delivers to you 168 hours every week – it’s up to you how your spend (or invest) those hours. Get clear someone producing twice the results as you is not working twice as hard.

If you need to do some learning around this, find someone you respect in the business doing great things and pick up 2 or 3 tips you can implement immediately to enhance your use of time.

Alternatively, if you see this as a biggie, you really need to consider coming to TurningPoint for sales professionals or Principal BootCamp for leaders – both are designed to take you to the next level in your careers.

5. Upgrade your influencing skills

This is all about your ability to communicate your message in a super effective way as well as tuning into your clients’ needs, wants and desires. Click here to read more about Influencing.

6. Balance should not be an optional extra


Your health, fitness and sanity are absolute keys to your long-term success! So here’s a great shopping list to check-in on how you’re going on this.

  • Sunshine
  • Fresh air
  • Exercise
  • Water
  • Diet
  • Rest & Relaxation
  • Meditation
  • Laughter

As you scan this list, ask yourself…

“Am I living the life I want and where might there be some quick wins to enhance my life balance?”

7. Take a look at your success beliefs

My favorite saying around beliefs is…

“Beliefs are the fuel of behaviour.”

And as soon as you get clear on this, the greatest change you’ll ever make is at the level of beliefs.

Back in point one where you became clear on what you want, I’m inviting you to explore any beliefs you might have that could be getting in the way of your success.

You see, every one of us has empowering beliefs and disempowering or limiting beliefs. Your ultimate goal is to firstly become aware of a disempowering belief and then replace it with one that will empower you to greatness!

An example might be your beliefs around prospecting or looking for new business. Are you making this hard or easy for you? When you hear the word “prospecting” what comes into your mind? Fun, excitement, meeting new people, the most important activity or something else?

Take a look into the areas you know what want to improve and open your mind to some new beliefs to take your results to the next level and beyond. There is a BIG clue in the book “Think and Grow Rich” and exactly what I’m suggesting can and will have a huge impact on 2017 and beyond!

There is a BIG clue in the book “Think and Grow Rich” and exactly what I’m suggesting can and will have a huge impact on 2017 and beyond!

So there you have a simple and clear 7 point plan you can use right away to ensure the next 10 months of 2017 are absolutely stellar for you.

I hope to see you at one of our events or online as we continue to share strategies to help you grow. If you haven’t yet checked out Principal BootCamp or TurningPoint – take a look now.