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Building Your Competitive Edge

Posted July 24, 2019 by in Building Relationships, Principals, Strategies

Building your competitive edge for 2020 – what you can do now to set up for success.

It’s hard to believe we are more than halfway through 2019, where did the time go?

As we gear up for a busy second half, August is a perfect time to sit back and look at what we have achieved so far and, more importantly, what we can put in place to have a great spring. Having a sensational spring will set you up perfectly to kick off 2020.

Four controllables to master:

Make sure you are spending more time and energy on things you can control in your business as opposed to those you can’t. In other words: Control the Controllable.

What’s in your control?

  1. Lead generation: How many connected conversations are you currently having? How can you be more proactive around this?
  2. Nurturing: Are you nurturing opportunities when they are sitting in your CRM? How are you nurturing them so when someone is ready to list, they list with you?
  3. Listing: Do you have a brilliant listing presentation? What’s your point of difference and value?
  4. Selling: What is your sell-through plan? There is no point in having listings unless you have fantastic sell–through.

The ultimate game plan is to put energy and time into these four areas and less time worrying about market driven factors. It will prove far more effective in the longer term.

Perfecting communications:

Another area also within your control within your business is communication. The market is in shifting mode and as such, you need to apply what I term the 3 C’s in all communication – be it a social media post, meeting or phone call.

Confidence – Inject a level of confidence in people you communicate with. If you are telling them: “Now is a good time to buy/sell”, get some clarity around the why?

Clarity – Provide clarity to your client about how you are going to sell their property.

Certainty – Have a level of certainty of information. Do your research and know the facts.

If you bring these three ingredients wrapped into every conversation, people will hear you in a far more positive mode. I promise you, it will change everything in your world.

Implementing the implementable:

The power of an idea is in its implementation – when we can take an idea and put it into action. There are five high performance habits you need to embrace heading into spring. These are all things in your control.

  1. Focus – what is your plan? What are you hoping to achieve? Are you giving the gift of presence i.e your entire focus to something?. It’s so important that you are truly present in your interactions with other people – be it on the phone or face to face. Research has shown when you listen in a focussed way it generates better speaking coming to you from other people.
  2. Energy – number one thing people buy from you is your energy. While you’re on the phone, do an auto recording of how you are sounding on the calls. Are you sounding flat? 84% of believability is not what you say but the way you say it. I think most people will reach the conclusion they can turn energy levels up a notch.
  3. Productivity – power to produce outstanding results. Are you busy or are you in business? There is a difference between the two. Make sure you have a focussed plan of what you are wanting to achieve and utilise your time better to get there!
  4. Influence – are you exceptional at helping people make better decisions around when/what to offer? Now is the time to move from being good to being exceptional.
  5. Courage – need to have more courageous conversations with clients. Most clients think they have a property worth X amount but we need to have courageous conversations to set realistic expectations.

This month I want you to sit down and refocus. Have you got the necessary framework in place to build on your performance in an effective way? Are you controlling the controllable? An exceptional 2020 is within your reach but it’s not going to come on a silver platter. Now is the time to plan, to execute and to deliver.

The team at DRIVE and I are with you all the way.


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