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Hugh Bateman, known for being active in the community. The Property Shop won Community Achievement of the Year in the Australasian Real Estate Results Awards 2016.

Building A Reputation Within Your Community

Posted September 8, 2016 by in Profile, Strategies

Your place in your local community is not what you think it is – it’s what the community thinks it is.

One of the things I love most about real estate is that it can allow you to have a highly fulfilling career without having to travel out of your local area every day. Real Estate agents are often some of the best-known figures within their community, simply because they spend so much time there.

I believe community engagement and community reputation are vital for anyone in the business of selling houses. Reputation really is everything and if you are not seen as a trusted person in your local area, you are going to struggle against your competition.

So… what is your community reputation? If you’re sitting back and thinking “people believe I’m the top real estate agent around these parts”, that might not actually be the best thing. Why? Because the way you are perceived needs to go a lot deeper than how many houses you pass under the hammer.

I stand by the old saying “Don’t make connections, make friends.” People are more likely to want to help out their mates, whether it be by lending a hand with their deck-rebuilding project or referring them business.

Your community engagement strategy shouldn’t be a strategy. It should spring from a genuine desire to be a helpful neighbour, fellow business owner and friend.

Some of the ways that you can take steps to be truly valued by the community you work in include:

Sponsoring Local Clubs and Teams

This goes beyond donating money. Get to know the leaders of the organisations. Turn up at events with genuine enthusiasm and promote what these clubs are doing to your client base.

Contributing to local scholarships and donating prizes for fundraising events is another way to boost your support of the people around you.

Host Free Community Events

This could be as simple as a bi-annual sausage sizzle to raise money for a local cause, or as upmarket as an end-of-year cocktail evening. It could be an ‘expo’ style event that promotes local small business. You could organise Santa to turn up for a special children’s’ event prior to Christmas.

These events aren’t about promoting your own business, but about getting to know people in a relaxed environment.

Form Partnerships With Other Local Businesses

Brokers, builders, interior designers and even cleaners are all business owners that you can connect with locally. Promoting their businesses to your clients (provided they are reliable and trustworthy) will organically result in a better referral rate for your own agency.

Be the Best Agent

And I don’t mean by breaking sales records (although yes, that does help). Be the best agent by providing the advice and support that all your clients need to get through the stressful experience of selling their home.

Being the best can be as simple as turning up with a bottle of ‘Spray N Wipe’ or bringing some of your own throw cushions from home to brighten up a living room on open day. Going above and beyond in order to make your vendors’ experiences as good as possible will foster a positive reputation for you in the long term.

Focusing on becoming “the person who has time for everyone” and “the local real estate who has all the best connections” will by default cement your reputation as the best in the area.

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