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Never email a negative!

Have you ever had someone get the wrong message from a simple comment you said?

Well this is an important email standard I’d like you to adopt because people can’t help adding “stuff” to an email.  This can have you (and them) even potentially your whole team off track.

It might seem plainly obvious to you, but never ever send a negative email!

If there was one exception to that rule it would be a non-delivery of service where you feel you MUST get your point across.

Let’s look at this situation… say you have an issue with a colleague or another department in your business (they may be in the same office as you or located elsewhere)  as soon as you go for it on email and let your fingers take some of your stress, I can almost guarantee that if you press send, you will have a BIGGER issue on your hands.

You see, even simple comments like…

“I have a real concern about what’s happening in marketing” or

“you have taken things totally out of context” or

“that is something you don’t need to concern yourself about”

…are totally valid if we can add some tone and body language face to face, or via Skype even on the phone those same statements will “land” very differently.

I’ve recently been forwarded an email chain (9 emails firing back and forwards) between 3 people in one business.  The reason I got to see these is that it had escalated so much that we now have a conflict resolution issue on our hands.

The original issue was quite small and valid.  But instead of a quick call or email saying… “I’ve got a couple of ideas I’d like to run past you, when is a good time to catch up?”, one of the people fired off an email and yes, it was taken the wrong way – the rest as you guessed is history.

So don’t “hide behind” an email and fire off comments that could very easily be taken the wrong way.

Now it’s okay to get your thoughts on paper or into a doc, but don’t press send!  That’s the bit that will get you in trouble and have you in clean up mode.

Have a brilliant week and please share this with as many people as you can – we’ll make the world a happier, less stressful place.



I’ve never seen a bad business plan on paper!

Strange but true… in the ‘romance’ of the planning process it’s so easy to get swept into an interesting and exciting mode that may bare little or no resemblance to your current reality.

Now I’ve said many times in workshops you have to watch the “knockers” (let’s call them Challenges or dream stealers) particularly when you’re in creative mode building a new business idea or strategy to take on your world!

What I will say though, once you’re beyond draft and things are crystallising in your mind, it’s okay to run it passed a few people who are less than enthusiastic idea generators and ask them…

Is there anything I/we have missed with this?

Where could my/our assumptions be out?

What’s wrong with this?

Now a lot of people would say avoid these people at all costs but in actual fact they can make a significant difference to the quality of your final plan.

The only rule on the feedback is… the challenger must provide any feedback or challenge as a question.

So instead of them saying… “That will never work.”

They would change it to… “My biggest 2 concerns are the timeline you’ve set and the fact you plan on gaining 20% marketshare within 3 months – how sound are these couple of points? and how do you plan on making it all happen?

Now your challenger isn’t hindering your planning process, the challenger is enhancing the plan.

Have fun with this and I’d love to hear how you go.

Buy the way… a great coach needs a healthy dose of optimism with a great blend of realism.

This simple strategy will help you move from a great business plan of paper to a great business in reality!

Talking at convention

Are your people turned on or just turning up?

Having just finished AREC 12 on the Gold Coast with some 2500 real estate professionals from Australia and New Zealand it became obvious in the bonus principal session that some agents are just turning up and expecting a market miracle to happen!

Other real estate professionals are truly turned on to achieving great results.

Now sometimes agents say to me “I’m waiting for different/better conditions” – this clearly is a no go strategy!

The market most of you are in, you need to be in proactive mode – making it happen.

Of course I know you’re clear that real estate is the ultimate win:win:win the only time the agent wins is when the buyers and sellers win.

Great agents understand this and are “turned on” to helping people achieve their property goals.

Are you turned on? And could take it to another level today?