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How do I stand out in a competitive real estate market?

How do I stand out in a competitive real estate market?

4 Questions to ask yourself right now to identify how you can stand out and be seen by your market.

As an agent looking to consistently grow your business base you’re looking for strategies to stand out against your competitors.

You want to be seen as a true leader in your market.

You want to be seen as the agent of choice for your clients (and their networks).

The question is how…

How do I stand out in a competitive real estate market?

Well it take time, and a plan and the answer is simple…

To stand out in a competitive market you must create your Ideal Agent Identity.

This one strategy will act as a guidepost for your community of who you are and what you specialise in.

You’re giving your clients and community a level of awareness about what it means to work with you (and making it super easy for them to chose to work with you in buying and selling a property that fits into your specialisation).

You get the chance to design what you want to be known for, what you want to specialise in, how you want to be seen.

How do I stand out in a competitive real estate market?

To start creating your Ideal Agent Identity here are some questions to ask yourself right now:

  1. What kind of agent do I see myself being?
  2. What kind of properties do I specialise in selling?
  3. What is unique about working with me?
  4. What kind of experience do I provide for my clients?

These 4 questions start forming the foundation for your Ideal Agent Identity and once you have answered them you can start to incorporate your answers into your communication with your potential clients and stand out in your competitive market.

This is a long term strategy as you get to envisage yourself and your business 5 years in the future – however – you can start to live into this identity starting now – through how you are with your clients, how you are at open homes, how you are on social media.

Understanding who you want to be and why is a great exercise to do at the same time as your end-of-year planning session!

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How do I nurture my real estate clients?

How do I nurture my real estate clients?

Quick Tips to nurture your clients to see more consistent business.

What does ‘nurture’ really mean when it comes to your real estate clients?

Well, nurturing is basically connecting in a positive way…

And it’s one of the most overlooked strategies in real estate!

When it comes to you as a professional real estate agent, nurturing your clients is about making sure your connection is adding value to your clients whilst helping them achieve their real estate goals.

How do I nurture my real estate clients?


Why do you nurture?

When you are able to consistently add value to your clients and ensure each connection they have with you is a positive experience, you are able to enjoy more business and engaged conversations..

…which equates to more listings, referrals, market share and commissions.

So nurturing is definitely important!

Who do you nurture?

Well you can start here:

  • Your Pipeline
  • Your existing clients
  • Your Circle of Influence

How do you nurture?

You nurture through connecting.

To add value, you nurture through understanding the valid reasons to connect with your clients.

These valid reasons to connect can include:

  • Recent sales report /video
  • Suburb report/video
  • Quarterly market update
  • Renovations and tradesperson recommendations
  • Changes in council
  • Changes in stamp duty/rates
  • Invitation to an investment seminar
  • Invitation to open home or private showing
  • Information on a new marketing program
  • Community invitation to charity event
  • New office opening (for your agency)
  • Client thank you event (ie movie night, bbq, pizza night)

Keep in mind the goal of being able to help your clients achieve their property goals – nurturing your clients to that outcome means that each connection should add value to your clients.

When you start to brainstorm there are a tonne of valid reasons for connecting and nurturing your pipeline which will provide them with information they may not yet have and they definitely need to get them closer to their property goals.

A great agent nurtures consistently; it’s one of the secrets to real estate success.

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How to generate more real estate listings through key relationships

How to generate more real estate listings through key relationships

A long term generating strategy that you can start today.

How do you create more visibility in your marketplace and increase your listing opportunities?

Expand your network or what I like to call…

Your Circle of Influence or COI.

Your Circle of Influence are people in your market place who will know when someone is thinking of selling before you do.

The type of people you could consider in your circle of influence are people like: Solicitors, school principals, tradies, landscapers, developers, builders, hairdressers, mortgage brokers, local business network, presidents of clubs etc.

Your COI is a key element to your generating strategy and when you nurture your COI’s effectively you can see a dramatic increase in your listing opportunities.

What’s even more attractive is that your listing success is incredibly high when you can gain a solid third party endorsement from people in your COI.

So really focus in and nurture these people – it will massively help with your referral business base!

If you haven’t yet created a COI I urge you to start today, making a list of the Top 20 people you would like to connect with and nurture a relationship with.

Here’s a few criteria for your Top 20:

  • They are Pro-You. They will sing your praises in your market.
  • They themselves have a strong circle of influence in the community.
  • You can add value to them (you add value to each other).

How to generate more real estate listings through key relationships

Creating and maintaining your Circle of Influence is an awesome success strategy for real estate agents wanting to create more visibility and connection in your marketplace.

This is just one element of your generating strategy but it can be a really beneficial one!

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your 90 Day Plan is the first step to achieving your big career goals

What’s your big career goal and how are you going to get there?

A 90 Day Plan lets you start towards achieving your big career goal.

You’ve heard that saying “A goal without a plan is just a wish”

Well nothing is more true when it comes to your goals for your career and business.

So today I want to share with you a simple process to build your “Results Plan of Action” over 90 Days.

The best time to create a 90 Day Plan is when you have achieved a clear vision of what you want your immediate future to look like.

If in 6 months you want to double your revenue – create your 90 Day Plan now, based on that goal.

If in 12 months you want to be Number One Agent in your area – you need to start somewhere – create your 90 Day Plan now, based on that goal.

If in 3 months you know you need at least 50% more commission to fund a new home or a wedding or your children’s university fees – create your 90 Day Plan now, based on that goal.

You will be surprised by what you can achieve in 90 Days and the plan starts now…

your 90 Day Plan is the first step to achieving your big career goals

So here is a quick structure for you to follow when crafting your 90 Day Plan:

  1. Start with a Performance Review where you can analyse:

– What has gone well in the last 12 months?

– What hasn’t gone well in the last 12 months?

– What areas of your business are a little ‘clunky’ and need attention (in order for you to achieve your goal)?

– What are the upgrades you can commit to (in order for you to achieve your goal)?

This exercise gives you an insight into where you can focus your time and attention over the next 90 Days.


  1. Now you’ve had that real conversation with yourself it’s time to outline the plan:

– Write out the top 3 – 5 key goals you want to achieve in the next 90 Days.

These 3 – 5 goals support your larger career goal and act as important steps to seeing that larger goal come to life.


  1. Next, time to dig deeper:

    Coming out of your top 3 – 5 goals, what are the key projects that need to happen in order to achieve the goals.?

For example, you want to become the Number One Agent in your area in 12 months time. Over the next 90 Days, one of your top 3 goals is to create your Circle of Influence so you can be nurture better relationships in your circle, be seen more in your community and ultimately generate more listings.

So a key project around your goal of creating your Circle of Influence would be a establishing a communicating and nurturing program for the top 20 people you’d like to see within your Circle of Influence.

An important note about key projects…

If you’re a lead agent running a SuperTeam, you must ensure that everyone in your team is across the key projects and understands their responsibility around each project.


  1. The Fourth step in your 90 Day plan is to outline your quick wins:

Looking at your key projects, what are the quick wins you can action immediately – to help you achieve your 90 Day plan goals?

This may be a prospecting blitz, you may have 20 Buyers in your pipeline that you haven’t connected with in some time – start to brainstorm and you’ll see there are more opportunities available to you now than you realise!


  1. The final step to the 90 Day plan is simply doing the work:

    As you find yourself working through the plan, check in on your progress.

your 90 Day Plan is the first step to achieving your big career goals

Having a 90 Day Plan and only checking in on the plan at Day 1 and Day 90 is not going to work – when you commit to this process you need to monitor the effectiveness of the strategies you’ve employed along the way.

If you can see yourself heading off course, take action to rectify it.

At any time you feel completely overwhelmed by what you have set yourself to achieve, take yourself out for a coffee and review your top 3 goals as well as your big career goal.

Ask yourself why they are so important and what they mean to you and your family?


Here’s a reminder of the process I’ve just outlined for you:

Big Career Goal

Top 3 – 5 Goals in the next 90 Days

Key Projects to help you achieve your Top 3 – 5 goals in the next 90 Days

Quick Wins


The 90 Day Plan is a simple process that when implemented successfully has the power to change your career.

So, get to it!

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How well are you building buyer "WOW"?

How well are you building buyer “WOW”?

WOW your Buyers to increase your opportunities.

With today’s consumers becoming more discerning than ever before it’s important to look at your Buyer WOW strategy.

Being able to create a system and plan around showing your Buyers that you are head and shoulders ahead of your competition, you care about their property goals and that you are the agent to help them achieve their goals will help to place you as a high performer in your marketplace.


Because your buyers are the biggest pool of clients you are dealing with – therefore they have the vast majority of influence in your potential marketplace.

And when they are blown away by the excellent level of service, communication, strategy and attention they receive from you – they will become your raving fans in your marketplace (and you know how invaluable raving fans are to a real estate professional!)

To create your Buyer WOW strategy, first, ask yourself this question…  

How well am I building Buyer WOW?

And be honest with yourself.

Are you letting quantity get in the way of quality?

Are you settling for an average response, not a fantastic response?

Are you positioning yourself and your team as just like every other agent and team or someone who goes above and beyond for their buyers?

If you’re thinking there is more you can be doing to WOW your Buyers you’re on the right track because most agents in most marketplaces can always be doing more to WOW Buyers!  

Next, understand the goal of the strategy.

The ultimate goal for your strategy is to make sure “WOW” is the normal response from a Buyer at each interaction with you and your team.

So whether it’s a phone call, email response, attending an open home, quality of follow up – whatever touch point you have with your buyers – they are walking away thinking “WOW”.


Thirdly you want to review your Q2.

Q2 is: Quantity and Quality and it’s about connected conversations in order to uncover more about your Buyer’s needs and motivations.

If you’ve been to any of my live training events you would have heard me say:

2 in 10 buyers are sellers.

They’re in changeover mode and they have a unique set of needs because of their circumstances.

Now most agents will treat all buyers the same (but you’re not most agents) so you’re not going to let the volume of buyers you are following up or communicating with see your standard of service slip.

Outstanding agents will go the extra mile with the Q2 strategy and will ask an extra 2 questions as part of their Q2 follow up.

Let’s say you’re calling a Buyer following up on a recent open home. You may ask them:

“Is this property what you’re looking for?”

When they answer No, you might ask:

Is there anything else I can help you with?”

When they answer No for a second time – instead of ending the call, and moving onto the next call – go the extra mile and uncover more opportunities with these questions:

  • May I ask what about the property interested you enough to come along to the open home?
  • What are your specific property goals right now?

Keep in mind, this needs to be conversational, not interrogational and when implemented correctly will be able to give you the information you need to help your clients in a more powerful way.

Lastly, put it into practice…

Buyer WOW is about adding value, committing to a level of service excellence and actually outlining a system to ensure all your Buyers walk away incredibly satisfied by each interaction with you.

Start now by outlining 3 key actions you can implement right now to take your Buyer Management and Buyer WOW to a whole new level.

Check in on this strategy monthly to make sure you’re on track and consistently creating more positive and powerful ways to connect with your Buyers and lead them closer towards their property goals.

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How do I start coaching my team to get better results?

How do I start coaching my team to get better results?

You’re a leader wanting to coach your team more effectively – awesome – now what?

Coaching will take your team from where they are now to where they want to be…

Read that again: where they want to be.

You see, coaching is about bringing out the best in others and helping them step closer towards their ultimate goals.

In terms of coaching your team as a real estate principal, you ideally want your team’s goals to align with your goals: to help more clients achieve their real estate goals and buy and sell more real estate.

Which means: more revenue for your team and for you.

Say you want to coach a new recruit on your team.

They’re eager and you can see potential in them to become a sales star and a true leader in your business.

The first step to establishing a coaching relationship with your new recruit is to get to know them…

Understand their motivations, their personal goals, their family situation, their core beliefs, what drives them – also – understand why they are passionate about real estate.

Take the time to learn how they think and what their current reality looks like.  

Check in to see if they are they holding onto any limiting beliefs like: “I will never be a top agent”, “I won’t ever earn a million dollars” and “I’m not cut out to lead a team”.  

All of these factors are invaluable when you step into a Coaching mode with your recruit.

You will be able to have more powerful conversations and give more targeted advice and coaching because you understand what they need from you to be able to step into their next phase of real estate mastery.

Most importantly, you will be able to create a compelling future vision together based on all the information you have – and this forms a powerful tool in your coaching process.

How do I start coaching my team to get better results?

Here’s some dialogue to get you started with helping your new recruit create a compelling future:

“The best way to predict the future is to create it, design it, plan it and set the goal. So let’s start by planning the future you want to see.”

Then you can ask some questions to help create that vision:

  • What’s going to make the biggest difference to your life?
  • What are the biggest upgrades you want to see?
  • Ideally, how would you like your business/life/relationships to look?

Once you have created this future vision and gained their commitment to trying to achieve that future, then you can get to work on building the action plan and working towards accountability.

This is the time for you step into your coaching zone and really be present for your team.

Remember: Helping people get to where they want to be is the fastest way to get where you want to be.

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How do I hold my team accountable?

How do I hold my team accountable?

It’s a polarising word: Accountability.

Some agents love being held accountable because they know it drives them to achieve more.

Some agents loathe accountability because they feel they need to be organised and planned and structured to truly be accountable.

As a Coach here’s the biggest lesson I can share around accountability:

You cannot hold someone accountable for something they’re not committed to!

Which is why the initial phases of establishing a coaching relationship with a person on your team is so important.

During these initial phases, you start to:

  • Understand what drives and motivates someone
  • Understand why someone is passionate about real estate
  • Understand what is holding someone back from success

When you can get a clear understanding of these matters from each person you are coaching you help them to create a compelling future and then commit to it.

Only when you have this commitment can you move into the accountability zone with them.

Here are some tips around accountability:

  • People don’t want accountability
  • People need accountability
  • You must ask permission for accountability
  • You create an agreement for accountability with your client
  • Reward when your client is performing
  • Non-reward they are not performing

How do I hold my team accountable?


When you’re struggling to gain accountability with a team member you’re coaching you can ask this question: 

“What’s going to need to happen for us to not have this conversation again?”

Also, remember your own accountability in the relationship. And what I mean by that is..

If you’ve committed to a meeting, turn up.
If you’ve committed to a coaching relationship: be present.
If you’ve asked them for something, acknowledge when you receive it and give feedback plus next steps.

Remember: Coaching is a two-way street.

When you step into a new level of coaching mastery you can empower your team to also up their game. Together you can create the results you want to achieve and see your team and your business thrive.

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The 3 Important Meetings Your Team and Agency Needs

One of the best ways to plan for your results and plan for your success is to actually spend time working ON your business.

You can do this through “ON MEETINGS”. In this article, I want to take you through the best ON MEETINGS to have with your team and the difference between ON MEETINGS and IN MEETINGS.

Special note: you are in a perfect position now to structure your next 6 months. Once you’ve read through this article, straight away go and set these meetings in your calendar.

What is an “ON MEETING”?

An “ON MEETING” is a meeting where you as the leader and your team together are focused ON the business direction and goals.

The 3 most important ON MEETINGS

  1. An example of this is your annual strategy meeting. Depending on the structure of your business this can be a 1 – 2 day meeting and it’s the time to plan the next 12 months of the business. A good base to start with is a review of the last 12 months and a preview of what is coming up for the next 12 months. It’s about bigger picture business items and not about any small team issues or clients issues (that comes later).

    Now if you skipped or missed your annual strategy meeting in December – now is the perfect time to schedule one!michael-sheargold-real-estate-training-australia-the-3-important-meetings-your-team-and-agency-needs-3
  2. So after your annual strategy meeting, you have a plan for the year – which you can break down into quarterly goals. You then set in the diary quarterly team meetings that must occur each 12 weeks.

    Big tip there: set it in the diary – these are progress and momentum meetings.

    At these quarterly team meetings, you can talk about the themes for each quarter, the training schedule for the next quarter, culture, key events, community events; things like that. These are a half-day meeting and it’s really fast tempo and high energy.

  3. Also each quarter, you can also have a meeting with each individual team members. These are the meetings where you can find out where they’re at, what they need, where they’re heading. You can leverage your time here by empowering your sales manager or another senior team member or leader in your business to help you out here if you have a massive team.

    So this meeting is a team member strategy, not a business strategy; think of it as a GPS meeting: Goals, Plans, Support.michael-sheargold-real-estate-training-australia-the-best-meetings-to-regularly-need-in-your-agency-2


There you have the 3 most important ON MEETINGS: annual strategy, quarterly team meetings and quarterly team member meetings. They are so important to your business; if you have not yet scheduled these and implemented them into your business please do it now! 

Word of wisdom for ON MEETINGS

It’s uncommon to have an excellent strategy session in the office. Take it off site and change the energy! Why? It’s a mindset shift. Take the team out of the office and they can focus more on the big picture without being ‘in’ the office. Also, you can organise the half-day quarterly meetings in the afternoon and then have a team dinner or bbq or drinks with the team after the meeting. If your team is travelling for the quarterly meetings then add some training and learning into the day (then it can become more of a full day as opposed to a half day) the key is to be flexible with your team and find what works for you.

The Difference between an ON MEETING and an IN MEETING

An “IN MEETING” is a meeting where you and your team are focused on what’s really happening on a day to day basis in the business. So, your weekly and monthly team meetings.

These meetings are where the nuts and bolts of what is going on in the fast-paced environment of the team can be discussed. You can review what coming up for the week as an agency, what the team has coming up, what events or competitions you’re running that month, sales results, client issues and any big wins.

Your  “IN MEETINGS” are just as important as your “ON MEETINGS” to help your team stay on track as they have a format and a structure where the team feels empowered and comfortable.

Your  “IN” the business will take all the time it gives you which is why you need to schedule time working “ON” your business. It’s amazing how much you realise you need the “ON” time when you take the time to do it! Get to it and post any questions or feedback you have in the comments below.


How to Run a Super Effective Sales Meeting

For a super effective sales meeting, you can follow some simple yet highly useful tips!

The first step is to be clear on your objectives; what is the aim of the meeting, what are you going to achieve, is there a core message you want to convey at the meeting?

When you have these in mind, the second step is to focus on achieving the specific high-impact goals. When you do, your sales meetings will fast become the highlight of the week for you and your team.

To help you right now I’ve prepared two lists for you; One is “The Do’s” of Meetings and the other is “The Don’ts” of Meetings!

Use these two lists to keep your meetings on track and please keep this in mind; you want your people attending the meeting looking forward to what will be covered and discussed.

In fact, your weekly sales or team meeting should be a motivational highlight of the week that aligns and focuses your team as opposed to the lowlight of the week that disconnects, shames and diminishes your team’s enthusiasm.

So let’s get into it…


List One: “The Don’ts” Top 21 Sales Meeting Turn Offs

  1. Lack of leadership/direction
  2. Negativity
  3. Boredom
  4. Talking for the sake of talking
  5. Too long
  6. Repetitious
  7. Other’s suggestions shot down
  8. Not starting on time
  9. Ranting managers
  10. Too many meetings
  11. Irrelevant topics discussed
  12. Mobile calls/interruptions
  13. Too many admin issues
  14. Negative issues involving a few
  15. Focus on star performers only
  16. Getting off track
  17. Commitments without follow up
  18. Manager’s moodiness
  19. Participants leaving early
  20. Poor preparation
  21. Little or nothing discussed of value


List Two: “The Do’s”: Top 21 Sales Meeting Turn On’s

  1. Good coffee
  2. Start with some music to create energy
  3. Start with a game or funny video
  4. Fast paced
  5. Zapping – acknowledging
  6. Learning topic/insight
  7. Clear agenda & timeline
  8. Discuss wins
  9. Variety
  10. Guest speakers
  11. Progress & results
  12. Read a client testimonial
  13. Case studies
  14. Market knowledge
  15. What’s working for you?
  16. Competitor analysis
  17. Everyone feeling heard
  18. Change of venues occasionally
  19. Inspirational
  20. High take-home value
  21. End on a high

I hope these two lists have provided a quick motivation for you to run a super effective sales meeting this week. If you feel you and your team need a ‘change up’ of meeting flow and energy, try working through “The Do’s” and see what fits well with your team…you may just be surprised at how these small changes can have a lasting effect for yourself and your team – for the rest of day and the week!

Yours in real estate,

Michael Sheargold

PS: If timing is an issue for your team and you have team members consistently turning up late for sales meetings, use the below sporting analogy…

“If a sporting team’s game starts at 9am, the team would always arrive BEFORE 9am. So when our meetings start at 9am, that’s game time. If you need time to prepare, be early!”


Gain the Most of 2017 in 7 Steps

Make a decision, choose a direction, take action.

It’s that simple right?

Sometimes the start of the year can be a slow burn, everyone still in sleepy summer holiday mode – and sometimes it can be an absolute cracker start to the year with record sales, unprecedented growth and hot markets.

However your 2017 has started, the good news is you’ve got 10 solid months left to create the results you’ve set out to achieve this year.

Let’s get into the 7 steps to gain the most from 2017!

1. Get clear on what you want



With 10 months of the year to go, the first question I’m asking is…

“How clear are you on what a great year looks like for you?”

Now ideally this would include both business and personal and the simplest way is for you to identify your top 5 business goals and top 5 personal goals that will make this a great year.

From there, ask yourself…

“What needs to happen on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to ensure I’m on track to achieving these goals?”

As simple as that sounds, you now have a plan for growth!

The other tip here is to share these with your support team – people who will help you stay on track.

2. Help other people achieve their goals



Okay with that clarity in place, let’s get clear on the basis of success in the business of real estate and beyond.

The more you help other people achieve their goals, the faster and greater momentum you’ll have towards your goals!

When this becomes your focus with people, you’ll be tuning into them even more and as they say… “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”.

So get really clear on your client’s goals and help them achieve them.

3. Make service part of your DNA


Service should not be selective. It needs to be built into the DNA of everything you do. If you’re looking for an un-paid marketing team to be activated in your market, then delivering brilliant service is the key to turning it on.

So a super simple exercise to do is either as a team or individually ask…

“What three service upgrades would make the biggest difference to our clients?”

An important point here is clients is everyone you come in contact with – buyers, sellers, landlords, property owners, key people of influence in your market.

This will help you design a service improvement plan to help you and your team standout in the market.

Do this and watch the results (and referrals) flow!

4. Take your time management to another level


The number one resource you put into your business in time and my favourite saying around time is…

“It’s not the hours you put in that count, it’s what you put into the hours.”

As simple as that statement is it’s the basis of you taking your results to another level. Imagine you could consider time like money – so you’d want to invest it wisely to enhance your returns.

The time bank delivers to you 168 hours every week – it’s up to you how your spend (or invest) those hours. Get clear someone producing twice the results as you is not working twice as hard.

If you need to do some learning around this, find someone you respect in the business doing great things and pick up 2 or 3 tips you can implement immediately to enhance your use of time.

Alternatively, if you see this as a biggie, you really need to consider coming to TurningPoint for sales professionals or Principal BootCamp for leaders – both are designed to take you to the next level in your careers.

5. Upgrade your influencing skills

This is all about your ability to communicate your message in a super effective way as well as tuning into your clients’ needs, wants and desires. Click here to read more about Influencing.

6. Balance should not be an optional extra


Your health, fitness and sanity are absolute keys to your long-term success! So here’s a great shopping list to check-in on how you’re going on this.

  • Sunshine
  • Fresh air
  • Exercise
  • Water
  • Diet
  • Rest & Relaxation
  • Meditation
  • Laughter

As you scan this list, ask yourself…

“Am I living the life I want and where might there be some quick wins to enhance my life balance?”

7. Take a look at your success beliefs

My favorite saying around beliefs is…

“Beliefs are the fuel of behaviour.”

And as soon as you get clear on this, the greatest change you’ll ever make is at the level of beliefs.

Back in point one where you became clear on what you want, I’m inviting you to explore any beliefs you might have that could be getting in the way of your success.

You see, every one of us has empowering beliefs and disempowering or limiting beliefs. Your ultimate goal is to firstly become aware of a disempowering belief and then replace it with one that will empower you to greatness!

An example might be your beliefs around prospecting or looking for new business. Are you making this hard or easy for you? When you hear the word “prospecting” what comes into your mind? Fun, excitement, meeting new people, the most important activity or something else?

Take a look into the areas you know what want to improve and open your mind to some new beliefs to take your results to the next level and beyond. There is a BIG clue in the book “Think and Grow Rich” and exactly what I’m suggesting can and will have a huge impact on 2017 and beyond!

There is a BIG clue in the book “Think and Grow Rich” and exactly what I’m suggesting can and will have a huge impact on 2017 and beyond!

So there you have a simple and clear 7 point plan you can use right away to ensure the next 10 months of 2017 are absolutely stellar for you.

I hope to see you at one of our events or online as we continue to share strategies to help you grow. If you haven’t yet checked out Principal BootCamp or TurningPoint – take a look now.