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Are your people turned on or just turning up?

Posted July 11, 2012 by in AREC, Events, Team, Training

Having just finished AREC 12 on the Gold Coast with some 2500 real estate professionals from Australia and New Zealand it became obvious in the bonus principal session that some agents are just turning up and expecting a market miracle to happen!

Other real estate professionals are truly turned on to achieving great results.

Now sometimes agents say to me “I’m waiting for different/better conditions” – this clearly is a no go strategy!

The market most of you are in, you need to be in proactive mode – making it happen.

Of course I know you’re clear that real estate is the ultimate win:win:win the only time the agent wins is when the buyers and sellers win.

Great agents understand this and are “turned on” to helping people achieve their property goals.

Are you turned on? And could take it to another level today?

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